TCS Registration form

Hi friends

This is the procedure to get registered into Nextstep.tcs which is a portal Tcs uses to select people to his company. It is very useful networking site where you can learn more about tcs and can rise the question which you have generally or about tcs and so on. Here for everything we will have some points added to our profile. Make use of this to get placed in tcs.
Step 1: Try to search nextstep.tcs in google search it will be easier for us instead of        typing the website name and then click on the first link which you get probably it should be click and move to the site. You will see the screen which appears as below.

Step 2: Depending on whether tcs is coming to your college or not you need to select the next option. If you know they are coming then select campus applicants or else direct applicants. 

Step3: Click on NEW CANDIDATE tab which is in the middle of the three tabs. Then click on the campus applicants if tcs is visiting your college.
Step4: In the above image select your college name by typing and then press submit button. Then in the next screen select whether your are a technical undergraduate or else technical postgraduate.

Step5: Then you need to select the required field and enter the correct values in all the fields since it is regarding our placement. Finally click agree and press finish button.