Microsoft Student Partner 2012-2013

Ho hi  Welcome back again to my blog. This time I am going to post the very important thing for this year who are very technically stuff, very innovative and very much eager to learn the new things. The greatest thing for this year for all the engineering students and management students who will passed out of college in the year 2013 or after.

The Microsoft Students Partner Program

This year I though to join in this program. I love technology very much. And currently mobile application development is very much interesting for me. Since many of my friends around me who love playing games and always with their mobile than to be with real humans. They gone virtual instead to be original. Hmmm… should sound good to person like me but Lets come back to the need of this post.

I would like to help you with the registration process for MSP event this year. For that only you have clicked the above link. Then page which looks like below should come.

Or if you have gone through this below link then the page like below should appear.When you go from below like remember to choose the country where you are. Currently for India it has been opened.

What’s the next step we have to do. You probably have to fill all the things which are given in that form.
If you dont know what is Imagine cup email id: then follow this link
Please remember you should fill this form before august 23rd. And you have to submit a video before this date itself. This is just the first step in this process.
Then you have do the applications development and technical quiz round will be there. Wait for my next post regarding this details. Stay tuned 🙂 🙂 😀