Preferences in Edit of mozilla

Here I have added the video about the preferences option in the mozilla. Only if you see you can understand. This is in tamil. It is for helping localisation,
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Edit menu in Mozilla

Here in this post I am going to discuss about the Edit menu in the firefox browser. This is very useful in many aspects

  • Undo(Ctrl+z) தவறான நடவடிக்கை அழிக்கப்பட
  • Redo(Shift+Ctrl+z) மீண்டும் அழிக்கப்பட நடவடிக்கை செய்ய
  • Cut(Ctrl+x) சொல் அல்லது தன்மையை  குறைக்க
  • Copy(Ctrl+c) சொல் அல்லது தன்மையை  நகலெடுக்க
  • Paste(Ctrl+v) சொல் அல்
  • Undo(Ctrl+z) தவறான நடவடிக்கை அழிக்கப்பட
  • Redo(Shift+Ctrl+z) மீண்டும் அழிக்கப்பட நடவடிக்கை செய்ய
  • Cut(Ctrl+x) சொல் அல்லது தன்மையை  குறைக்க
  • Copy(Ctrl+c) சொல் அல்லது தன்மையை  நகலெடுக்க
  • Paste(Ctrl+v) சொல் அல்லது தன்மையை நகல் வார்த்தை ஒட்டுவதற்கு
  • Delete(delete button)
  • Select All(Ctrl+a) அனைத்தும் தேர்வு செய்ய
  • Find((Ctrl+F) வார்த்தை தன்மையை கண்டறிய

லது தன்மையை நகல் வார்த்தை ஒட்டுவதற்கு

  • Delete(delete button)
  • Select All(Ctrl+a) அனைத்தும் தேர்வு செய்ய
  • Find((Ctrl+F) வார்த்தை தன்மையை கண்டறிய
  • Blogger Gadgets

    In this post I would like to tell something about the blogger Gadgets which will be very useful for all of you for your blog. This will help you to gather the crowd. The people who love to know more about you blog. how many like your blog. Let’s see

    • Select the blog which you need to add the Gadgets.
    • Then in the dash board in the left side select Layout.
    • Then in the next screen you can see the layout of your blog.
    • In that if you using dynamic views you can see the Add a gadget in your right side. Click it
    • Then you can see the list of most using gadgets. In that what you like you use.
    1. +1 Button will give the option for the visitor to +1 your blog
    2. Google+ followers will show how many people follow your page in google+
    3. Google Stats will give the option of number of times page visited by visitors
    • Then when you again refresh your blog you can see the gadgets added.

    Blogger and Google+

    Hi friends

    In this post I would like to show you how to integrate your google+ and Blogger account. This is very useful for your followers in google+ to connect with your blog. This will be very exciting.

    • first go to
    • Select which blog you want to integrate with your Google+ page.
    • Then in the next page in the left hand side you can see many tabs in that select Google+ this will activate your google+ account if you have not done before.
    • Then Click upgrade to Google+(optional)
    • Then check the required field and then press Switch Now.(optional)
    • Then again select the Google+ 
    • Then click on Create  a New page
    • Select the type of the page
    • Give the name of the page and the website. 
    • Then give the description about that page and your contact details if you need.