Google sites some setting

Here I would like to share some of the General setting you may need to have for all the google sites. It will be very easy for all the visit your website and see them.

Go to mange site by press g and then m

To change the name of site which is appearing on the tab you have change in the Site name text box. So what is in that text box will appear in the top.

Site description 
This will help to during SEO of website. When you give in detail about your website then search engines can easily know about your website and can index them.

Mature content
 Please see whether you website is having any content for adults if yes please check the box. If it is not there kindly don’t check. If it is personal website then you should not have them. It will reduce your viewers .

Access Control
user who can visit the site  for this setting make it to Anyone who can view this site and
User who can access revision history  for this setting make it to collaborators only


Rearrange page in Google Sites

Hi friends

Some of you had a doubt in rearranging the pages in Google sites. It is common doubt to all of us. Here in this post I will give some tips on this, please take a look in that and make your website better.

First Go to your website.

Then From more  drop down select Manage site or press g then m. You will get the below page

Click Pages from first list.
You will have the list of pages in your website.
Then drag the page and place in under which it should come. If drag and make it on the website name it will come as normal page and not as a sub page.