Android Studio

The Google I/O 2013 has started. Everyone there were excited to attend the keynote and also they have got brand new Pixel from Google. Every developer there will be now feeling very excited.

At the same time there was another excitement new IDE for Android application developers. It is new, fast and easy to use by most of Java developers can is called as Android Studio. An new IDE for Android based on IntelliJ

What are the things it will be providing

  • If offer live rendering during run time. Developers can see how their work operates on Smartphones,tablets and various android devices. 
  • You can switch over different layouts and screen sizes. 
  • It will be helpful in internationalization.
  • The console will now have optimization tips and will be help in areas like translation.

“This is a fully featured IDE right from the get go” said Hugo Barra,vice president of Android product management.

There are some other new features  improvement to its Google Play developer console. Now for the developers it will be easy to rollout and monetize their apps.
Now we also have support for beta testing and rollouts within the Google play itself.