Words- A Mobile application

Recently I have found interest in developing mobile applications. I loved Firefox OS to the core and had a great passion to develop applications for that mobile platform. It is using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

When ever we use HTML5 technologies it is always cool. We can do a lot of things there. So I spent some time in that and learnt to some extent how to develop mobile application for Firefox OS.

It was pretty easy to learn. All the resources are available in Mozilla Developers Network. It is really a great place to learn web technologies.

After finish my application I came to know about the power of HTML5. Yes it is really great. I have developed code only once but I am available to use the same for the mobile applications and then for desktop applications and so on. It is really good to know that write once and deploy many.

Currently you can find this mobile application in Firefox Market place and then in Ubuntu Software center.

You can login the respective market place and download it. Right now I have 100 downloads in Ubuntu Software Center and only 1 download in Firefox OS. The application is absolutely free of cost.
You can ping me and get the source code and can download from github.

Future Expectation:Very soon this mobile application will be developed to the platforms like Blackberry, Android, and Windows mobile market.