Brand yourself

Many times you will be feeling sad that your name does not come first in Google search or any other search engine. If you are such a person dont worry We have got the solution for this. Just check this out.

You can Login with you Facebook account or Twitter account simply. Or on the another side you can login with your email id.

If you go for Facebook or Twitter login, you need to set your email id and password first.

Then you need to give your name which you need to control in +Google Search Engine . You should prefer to use your first name and last name which you want in Google search.

If you are a Student or Employee, then first prefer to set your +LinkedIn account. See that you Linkedin name and the name which you gave to control is same so it easy to control. It seems this is having Case sensitivity check that also.

Then you can update your headline if you want.(Mostly not preferred by all).

Then here comes integration with Facebook.
Making the Search engine search enable. Change your name officially.

You can also go for others like Google+,Twitter and so on. But more than 3 is for premium users.

List of the which you can integrate are as follows.

And the list goes on.. You share your profile to get noticed. Enjoy sharing.


Nexus in India

Nexus 5

Are you a Google lover?
Do you Live in India ?
Do you want Google Gadgets around you?

If your answer for all the above question is Yes then Move forward and start reading.

India is the biggest market for Android. Here only there are many mobile user and particularly there are lot of android users. People here love Google products for lot of reasons. All here were waiting for these two mobiles most of them used to ask their friends and relative from US to get this.

Nexus 7

The Flagship mobiles by Google in collaboration LG announced Nexus mobiles few days back. And Nexus 5 is with all new Android 4.4 kitkat. On knowing this everyone went crazy to buy this.And now the wait it over.

Ya both the mobiles are now available for India.

Nexus 7
      Powerful, portable and made for what matter to you. It is available in Black color only.


Nexus 5
      The smart new phone from Google. It is available in both Black and White color.


Excited to buy them then click no the required GB under Phone or Tablet.

Enjoy using it.


Nokia and Microsoft has planned to reward suitable developers and motivate them in doing more apps.

Reward – Phones & Gadgets !!! Yes, now you can win NEW NOKIA LUMIA PHONES by just developing apps for windows phone platform. Cool isn’t it ? Yes, but wait ! Only phones ? Only for developers ? No, you can also win gadgets like Bluetooth headsets and stuffs through this program and some of them by just completing only the quiz challenges ! Yes, there are many quizes 

So what  we have to do next.

Click the below link and start your registration. Click here

If you are not a developer.. dont worry you can do referral program
For a limited time, your friends can pay you back for eating all your pizza and borrowing your XBox games. Until December 31, 2013, each friend you introduce as a new user to DVLUP who completes an App or Upgrade Challenge will score you 500 PTS.

If not, you need to get a Dev Center account and then enter the publisher details in DVLUP site. If you are a student, Dreamspark account -> Dev Center account -> enter info in DVLUP to map them.

STUDENTS – who want a new dev center account, to mail their ID card scan copy to for a Dreamspark key.
DEVELOPERS – who want to have a dev center account can write to for a free dev center token, goto 

Enjoy doing and earning points.

Learn it..

Oh on seeing the the title of the post everyone came here to Learn something new ah!!
I am not sure whether each and everyone who reads this post will be
benefited but some of the will sure be benefit due to this post.

Learn it!! 

Is really making something interesting to me. If you feel some interest to read go down and start.

What special about Learn it!!! 

What guess you have in your mind on seeing this picture ?

Is your answer is mobile application for kids to learn about Plants and Animals then you are absolutely right. Here is another mobile application for young children to learn about Plants and Animals they see each and every day in their surrounding.

Below is the detailed description about the application.

Title of the Application: Learn it!!!
Technologies used: HTML5,CSS3, Javascript
Description: This mobile application will be very useful for the students to know about the Animals,plants,fruits,flowers,birds they see daily in their life. It is having 3 main module.

  • First module: Here an image will be displayed and the children have to find the name of it by pressing the button.
  • Second module: Here a name will be displayed and the children have to find the picture of it by pressing the button.
  • Third Module: Here they can learn about various animals and plants.
So what you are waiting for Download this mobile application for your Firefox OS based mobile.
 Ubuntu download.