FSA-Sathyabama University

One Remarkable Day

18th December 2013 is one of the remarkable day in 2013. This is the first day I gave a talk about Webmaker and a demo session on Firefox OS Application.


SDC- Computer Science Club of Sathyabama University had arranged event for their Sathyabama Firefox Club . The one day event was organised with the much effort of Firefox Students Ambassadors of that college. Most of the students who attended the session were self motivated and very eager to learn. 

Mozilla Reps Attended the session

Firefox Students Ambassador Attended the session

Achyuth Kp            Nikhil Patel                   Chintu Philips Koshy     Abisheak Balaji                                                   Satya Meka             Shashank Gaikaiwari                   Damini Oberoi
FSA sathyabama Team

About the Event

The event is inaugurated by CSE Department HOD of Sathyabama University. The event started with 
A Different Kind of Browser video So that everyone can learn about Mozilla’s Mission.
During Inauguration

Followed by this we had meeting with Firefox Students Ambassador alone. We disscussed about the projects where they can contribute. What are the various areas where they can get involved.

Brief Detail about the event


After video the event started with Introduction to Webmaker. The main aim of the this introduction is that students can get to know how to create the webpage simple with webmaker. The another aim is that they can speed up their development instead of using their old text editor. 
  • First there was a general introduction about thimble and popcorn.
  • Then there was a demo how to use thimble what are it’s features and how it will be helpful during development.
  • Some students started to develop web pages for the first time. 
  • Some tried to do remix of already existing projects.


This session was interesting to many students since most of the them wanted to become Mobile application developers.
  • There was a general introduction about Firefox OS.
  • How to develop mobile applications for Firefox OS.
  • Then the demo how the webpage will appear in browser and Firefox OS simulator.

ADD-ons Development

This session was the most interesting session and students got involved more to learn about development opportunities available. This was the longest session of the day and the most active session on that day.
  • Introduction about IRC
  • How to contribute for Bug.
  • How to file the file.
  • and so on…
Etherpad share in this session https://etherpad.mozilla.org/z7cyGzSq3T


Then afternoon there was a meet up with the Firefox Students Ambassador Chennai. Where students from various Colleges like SSN, KCG, MSEC,VEC, Sathyabama University attended.  There was a discussion about what are the various areas where students can get involved both in technical aspects and non technical aspects.
Etherpad share in this session https://etherpad.mozilla.org/fsa-satyabama
Chennai Region FSA’s meet up

Some Interesting Questions

  • What is RMA. How to become RMA.
  • Tell about WoMOZ.
  • How to report Bugs.
  • How to contribute for Firefox OS Core


Many had fun filled and excited day. Even one there was interested to learn more about Firefox OS Apps development. In future this FSA team would like to focus more on Firefox App Development, Documentation at MDN and Localisation.

My FSA Experience

For the past three months I have be acting as Firefox Student’s Ambassador. It was really a good experience for me to sit and write coding, learn from internet and many new things which I have not done before.

Before FSA

  1. I used to be in Facebook always to chat with friends.
  2. I used  to surf internet for a small time.
  3. Simple chats with friends and waste time.
  4. Dependent on Others to learn Anything.
  5. Never liked to talk in Public and helped other to get awareness about the things Which I know.

After FSA

  1. I talk with my Friends to know about different technologies existing.
  2. I spend my time in Facebook, Google plus to know about Firefox and other open source updates.
  3. I started to spend more time in Coding and developed Firefox Application.                                                               (you can find them in this blog Learn it!!!  and Words in Firefox Maketplace)
  4. I dependently Learned about HTML5,CSS,Javascript from Mozilla Developers Network.
  5. I edited our College Wiki Page-VEC Firefox Club
  6. Developed My thimble make for Firefox OS
I was nearly had a good experience in very short time. Now I can see myself a new person. Now I can do lot of things like coding, designing, marketing using social networks.
  1. I can work in a team and also independently to finish.
  2. I can write code and can do documentation on them.
  3. I can sit in Social media and can help friends to know about Technologies.
  4. I can speak to group of people.

My next target as the Firefox Ambassador will be.

  1. Writing documentation about Firefox OS application Development in my Blog.
  2. Writing Articles for Tags needed by MDN. Find here
  3. Helping friend to know about Firefox.
  4. Spread importance of free and safe web.
  5. Teaching about Webmaker
  6. Good Contributor to Mozilla through various means.
  7. Many more has to be done.. If you are inspired and would like to become Firefox Students Ambassador and would like to contribute for Mozilla. Then find about how to become Firefox Students Ambassador in my Blog.


  1. To teach others about secure web through blog post, videos and seminars.
  2. To teach how to develop mobile applications.
  3. To teach about how to contribute for society by various means.
Thank you. Do visit more to know about Firefox and other updates.