Your favorite Mobile application Platforms

Mobile Battle is one of the biggest battle of recent times. Many of the developers, business people, students like to develop mobile applications for variety of reasons. 

Developers want to change their career path and start developing applications for their favorite platform. Entrepreneur wants to start mobile application development business in wide scale and want to earn money from the apps. Students want to earn some pocket money from the apps they develop.
Like this everyone has a very large number of reasons to develop mobile applications. But to which platform we have to target. This new year has seen really interesting 8 mobile platforms. Each have some of the world ratio. 
The 2 Popular platform which we have used are Apple iOS and Android are still growing. With them we can see Windows Phone entry is growing very well. 
Firefox OS is going to target the low priced mobiles. It is estimated most of low priced mobiles by the end of 2014 will be having Firefox OS.
Ubuntu will be coming very soon, but developers already love to develop applications for Ubuntu touch and they are currently using it by flashing their android mobiles.
BB10 has not seen big improvement but still lot of developers are there to develop mobile application for it.

Tizen and Jolla are Interesting in some markets.

The aim of the blog post to give the survey result which is happening in Facebook.

At the end developers,  Entrepreneur , students and normal people will be benefited for investing their time to develop apps, run business and time to learn about it. And mostly importantly the money spent on buying the mobiles.

Google Android Sliver is following Android steps, so think accordingly and post you vote.

There is also Nokia Android.

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Kural Medicine

Hi everyone,

Here I would like to share my personal views on developing this Kural medicine application. You can know about the application details in the following blogpost link in wordpress.

The application kural medicine is having really a good reach in terms of download in the application markets like Firefox OS and Windows. In firefox OS market nearly 30 downloads have been done in the end of the day 1.

What made to this reach in Firefox OS market. 
Basically this application has been written on native code of Android. So there will be really a good UI and the  And for the Firefox OS apps we have used the UI provide by the firefox team itself.

You can see and download the UI style from the website this is giving us the enough details as how to develop and how to give the shapes for different things available in Firefox OS apps.

Developing application for Windows desktop was easy with the of Visual studio. Really it is good tool for windows application develop. And for HTML5 developer it is really a good tool  when compared with other IDE’s available in the market. The latest version of Visual studio 2013. Visit their official website.

Lot of UI designs are available in the application market which makes developer to know about UI guidelines and then the codes for developing them. It is really a great treasure.

Feel free to try this application in the following market.