Git at FSFTN

This is my second day visiting to FSFTN(Free Software Foundation Tamil Nadu). Here a team of people helping college students to teach about open source technologies and helping with the final semester project. Not only Final semester students, any one who have interest to learn about Open source can get help from FSFTN.

On my previous visit to FSFTN I was discussing about my final semester project. What I found is that I have not studied well how my project will be  very helpful for this community. I really left bad, so I am planning to think differently and start doing things which helps everyone.

I was discussing about the list of projects FSFTN is currently involved. And I found Spell Checker for Tamil to be interesting.

I started a simple discussion that what happen when I change the list of english words to tamil words so the spell checker is done. But I found there are some complexity with the language.

Then I was reading some technical papers about the spell check.

Then On my second day I was taught how to use github. It was very informative session. Previously I have used github but the session was bit interesting to learn from good tutor.

That time learnt a lot from interaction. I have discussed about the Tamil Spell Checker project and got the contact of other two mentors who are using python in day to day life.

+Shrinivasan T  and Welkin

For this week  I would like to learn more about Python from Internet.

Some links to learn

Then after that I would like to work on improving  this web based tamil spelling editor

Carte Blanche ’14 – Mozilla Hackathon

Carte Blanche is an annual event conducted by Madras Institute of Technology. It happens each and every year once Fostering Open source among students of various field.

This time Mozilla reps team from Chennai and Firefox Students Ambassador from Sathyabama University helped students to learn about Firefox OS and trained students on how to create Mobile applications for Firefox OS.

The event started around 10.00 AM IST and it went till 7.00 PM IST.

Students from various college participated and started to develop apps on the theme Valentine’s day which is the obvious theme for this App of the month Contest.

Total number of teams participate is 8
Total number of students participated is 19

Number of FSA’s from Sathyabama is 4
Number of reps from Chennai is 2.

Lot of interesting application ideas have been presented. One team came with an idea of presenting an application of making blur background.

Another team came with  app idea of connecting people using  GPS.

Best ideas of the days are Tic Tac Toe application along with Relationship analyzer. Then generating Love message and writing message for valentine.

TIPS and Tricks

Resource for the Firefox OS development. Click Here
Participants are request to submit the apps for APP of the month contest. Click Here
Firefox OS Simulator. Click Here
Building Block for Firefox OS. Click Here Download
Firefox Market Place. Click here
Gaia. Click Here
Hacking Gaia. Click Here