Cooking Notes

The heading for this blog post is very much interesting to know. Cooking Notes. As the names says there is going to be something interesting to do with cooking. The name tells Cooking Notes it means there is something which is going to help note taking about how to cook a dish.
Yes this post is about how to take notes for cooking. Today we are in digital world each and every second we are seeing lot of different things which are only digital. Mostly we are seeing everything in the mobile phones and tablets. In future we going to be still advanced and going to have a lot in smart watches and smart Glasses.
In such a time how it will be if we have a mobile application which will be helping us with taking notes for cooking. Yes today we have found one such mobile application for you. 
The basic aim of this application is to help users in taking notes with the help of the android phones. Then it displays all the list of dish you have made as entry. This application also allows the user to edit whenever required. It is one of the best application found in the market. 
Highlights of this application
  • Available in some of the Indian languages.
  • Easy to add the dish
  • Easy to edit
  • Simple GUI
  • Easy to download.
  • Consume less space.
The application is available in many common Indian languages. Which is really a good benefit for the Indians who feel they need mobile application in their own language. The application seems to be very famous among users because each and every application is having more than 500 downloads.
The developer of this application very kind enough to give the application for free instead of making it as priced on. Many local applications are priced which people should buy to use it. But the developer in this case is very helpful to Indians.
In future the application is said to have the major updates on preparing the list of remainder for the week/day then what are the required things to buy for a dish, preparing list required for grocery and so on. 
You can download the application as of now from Google Market Play. Currently available in 9 different languages. List as follows
  1. Gourmet Cuisine
  2. SamayalKurippugal
  3. APPAM 
  4. Bhog
  5. Maharaj 
  6. Dhokla
  9. Paaka Praveenate
We expect you to enjoy the different version of the application. Especially Gourmet Cuisine is the English variant of this application which everyone can enjoy without fail. Have a happy cooking.

Yes or No

What is this title about. It looks very strange to see this in a blog which is fully based on Technology. If you feel like this, then your assumption is wrong. Everyone in this world is in situation to take decision in any point of time. There are lot of things which we need to decide in our day to day activities. 
Even when this post is written it has been a decision making situation whether it should be written today or some other time. There are lot of things involved. Finally we got answer as Yes from one of the application so wrote it now. Here would like to discuss about the Simple application which is loved by many people who use it for decision making.
It is just a fun App to test your luck. Some situations may occur where it will be difficult to decide. In such situations, it is better to believe in your luck. Have fun with your friends with funny questions. Bet on the questions & enjoy the moments.
Example Questions:
  1. Shall I go for the vacation?
  2.  My Boss pisses off on seeing me?
  3.  My Girl Friend wont nurture me for gifts?
  4.  Today Treat on you pal?
  5.  Shall we bunk college tomorrow?
Just have some fun in your life! Create happy moments!!
This application is very exciting we have some

This application is currently available in the world’s biggest mobile market. Google Android Play store and it has been found that currently 5000+ times it has been downloaded.  From that it is clear this application is helpful to many people in many situations.
The next major expected update on this successful application will be making decision based on the sentiments and the results of previous situation. The apps is expected to be best of its kind.

Flames/ Relationship Finder

Wow… The title of this blog post is remembering you the old Game which you used to try it in your last pages of your note book. Yes this blog post is all about that only.
Why this game is so popular. It is because most of the boys try it openly and say about it to other boys and at the same time girls try it and have it secretly. They wanted to know what is the exact relationship between them and another person. The most interesting things will come when we try to get the relationship about two persons who are our enemies and who is not that impressive and hated by all in the class room. This is always fun!!!
Lets us see how to play this game. 
There will be two text boxes. The user needs to give 2 names which he/she would be interested. Then you will be clicking the submit button. Then the background algorithm will be checking about the names and then finally it will be tell what is the relation among both the users. To expand the game name look below
  • L-LOVE

We have lot of fun in this game. The game which is being discussed here has lot of new things lined up. The most exciting thing in whenever I get the result, in olden days it was only the text result but in this application I am excited to see Images as the result. Another notable thing to be share regarding this application is each and every time we will be getting different images. There are large number of images for each and every relation.
Some of the Exciting features of this application
You can find this application in the Google Play Store. But by the end of this week we can find the same exciting application in different platforms. 
In future the expected update is that there will be calculations based on Chinese zodiac and the how much influence each and every relation will be having instead of telling about only one relationship.


Oh this is IPL (Indian Premier League) season. This is the 7th season of IPL. Lot of things are happening. The whole nation is busy with the IPL for whole evening. Even in offices many every one has the concentration in this game rather than in their respective work. There are even some serious fights among the friends for supporting their teams.
Some of the participating teams are
  • Chennai Super Kings 
  • Rajasthan Royals 
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad 
  • Mumbai Indians 
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore 
  • Kolkata Knight Riders 
  • Kings XI Punjab 
  • Delhi Daredevils 
Each and every time has their own strength and weakness. Some of the start and classic player like Sachin, Dravid are missing even though the momentum with the people to support their favorite team has not yet stopped. It has just increased.
To bring more excitement among the fans we have recently searched and found the popular and upcoming application. This application is very helpful to show our support from our mobile. This very simple application yet is interesting. Like more popular application like sound horn it is also making interesting sounds which can support the IPL teams.
The exciting feature of this application is it has in built with sounds which are officially used by the teams for marketing their teams. Along with this the application is also having some other sounds which are mostly used by IPL in all seasons.
Some of the sounds which the application has as follows
In future the expected update for this application is that there will live score updates which will consume less bandwidth which will be useful for the people who are busy and just not able to watch the full match. For each and every 4’s and 6’s and wickets the teams official music will be played.
You can download the application from the Google Play Store as of now. And soon the same application will be available to different platforms.

Final View on Simulator

Firefox OS simulator

In our last post we have seen how to define the manifest for the the application has been discussed. Before that we have been writing the hello world application for our program it is really a exciting application you can learn. You can check here regarding the code of hello world. And we started with the requirements for the Firefox OS application development. The needs for writing is very easy to get and can know more about it here. Finally now we are ready to start seeing our application in Firefox OS simulator which is available in the Firefox browser. Here I am using Firefox 29 which is currently in beta stage. You can choose you prefer version. But Firefox 29 is really cool. Just check it out.

Opening App Manager
Then after you clicked App Manager you can see the below window.
App Manager window
Then the next procedure is to click on the Apps icon available in the left side top. We need to click Add Packaged app. When click a pop-up will be appearing. From that pop-up you need to select the folder where we have kept our saved files. After you have chosen the folder you can see the window to change from App Manager to the application details you had.
Window with App details
When you see this clearly you can see the square box is somewhat empty and dont look nice. This is because we need to add the icon for our application. Then another half downside will be showing the details which are available in our manifest. Then in the top half right corner we can see whether we have given our manifest properly or not. It helps in avoid the problems where in some case we upload the application in our market place but rejected.

Ok fine, Its time for us to see our application in the simulator. To do this we need to click the Start simulator button at the bottom. If you have not previously add the Firefox OS simulator from Add-ons please you need to add it now. You can install the simulator from this link. You can choose any version. But it is advisable to have the stable version instead of beta or  unstable one.

Then after that Click on start simulator then Firefox OS. Then you can see the simulator pop-up coming It will be looking beautiful and simple.

Start Screen of Simulator
Screen showing the application

Then swipe from right to left so we can see large number of application installed. Before that just click the update button which is found with the details of your application. When you swipe you can see large number of application. You can also see our Hello world application with some icon. That is the default icon for all the applications. Then when you click that you can launch the application.

Application Start screen

Yes we have developed the mobile application for the Firefox OS without changing any code between browser and the simulator. We can then pack this application and send it to marketplace.

First Application in Simulator

In our previous post we have seen the starting of the application. We have developed our application have a part and saw its output in the browser. So what is the final thing we should do to see our application to the simulator and then to the Firefox Market place. I guess you can find the list of requirement in this post. Please don’t forget to have all the requirements.

The main part for any application is writing the manifest file. The extension for the manifest file is .webapp
Here I would like to give your a sample manifest.webapp file for Firefox OS app which we use.
  “name”: “Hello World”,
  “description”: “Welcoming the developers”,
  “launch_path”: “/index.html”,
  “icons”: {
    “60”: “/images/app_icon_60.png”,
    “128”: “/images/app_icon_128.png”
  “version”: “1.1”,
  “developer”: {
    “name”: “Viswaprasath KS”,
    “url”: “”
  “default_locale”: “en”

The detailed description about the mainfest is as follows.

  • “name” gives the name of the application.
  • “description” gives the description about the application which is useful to know about the application.
  • “launch_path” tells where the app should get started.
  • “icons” will have the icon image. Under it we can give for different size.
  • “version” will give the version of the application we have developed.
  • “developer” will enclose the details about the developers
  • “name” under “developer” will let us know who developed the application.
  • “ulr” will help the other to know about the application
  • “default_locale” is to tell what is the default language for this application.
Look of an typical mainfest

So now we will be having only 2 files of this application one is the very important file where the application will be started and another one is the manifest.webapp file which will be telling the details about the Firefox OS application. Take a look at this below

Folder containing files

Now we almost finished all the work for the application development. The next step is to run the mobile application and test it in the simulator to see how it works.

Writing First Mobile Application-Firefox OS

First Mobile application
First Application

In our Previous blog post we saw about the basic requirement for developing Firefox Mobile Application. As you can know this is very setup when you compare to any other application development.  Similar developing mobile application for Firefox OS is that easy. You need not be an expert to develop mobile application. But you need to have some basic knowledge about web technologies if you are not using Mozilla Appmaker.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
There are lot of places where you can learn about these technologies.  I would like to list some of them.
The very first application I would like to show about is Hello World!! which is most widely shown in any programming language examples and also in application. First part of this I would like to show it in the browser and then how the same thing can be ported to Firefox OS simulator.
The very first thing is to write the application code in any text editor. below is the source code for the hello world application. After you finish writing your code please save it with .html . The good practice is to save it as index.html. Even in Application development the manifest will first search for index.html to run

Hello World App

Hello World Developers

When you view the saved page in the browser you can see like below.

Hello world developers
Browser View of Hello world

We have reached first few steps in our application development process. Yet there are simple steps to be followed to develop application for our Firefox OS based Phones. We can see how to convert this page to our mobile phone app. Stay Tuned.