Microsoft Student Associate Program

Is the title of the post is fascinating you. Are you very interested to know more about this. Do you love Microsoft from you day one of Computer. We know Many of you have used only Microsoft Windows and still loving for its Beautiful UI. Then Go ahead and start reading the post..

Love Microsoft technologies.
Love to talk about them to friends.
Love to use Internet and Social Media.
Get involved with lot of groups in your College.

As a Microsoft Student Associates you will be representing in your College and around the area as a  technology enthusiasts and social media/marketing evangelists. By this way you will be gaining the best leadership quality among your friends.

What  Microsoft Student Associates will be doing
  • Will host the workshop and drive campaigns regarding Microsoft Products.
  • Will act as a catalyst and bring more students like you.
  • Empower you college environment to great extent.
Qualities Microsoft Student Associates should have
  • Love and passion for Microsoft Technologies.
  • Self motivated and self driven
  • Good Communication Skills(improve yourself by joining)
There is a Difference between Microsoft Student Partners (MSP’s) and Microsoft Student Associates (MSA’s)
  • MSP’s are developers, builders and good coders while MSA’s are technology enthu

The 2014 Application Cycle is now open.

To apply please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Please complete the online application form: Apply Now!
Please note that the Recommendation Letter from your faculty or Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) is a required part of the registration process.

Step 2: Prepare for an interview with the MSA India Team. You will be contacted with further instructions regarding this final step once everything is submitted.

Write a beautiful Blog post to attract Microsoft Students Team stating why you love Microsoft.
Write a post stating what you will do if you get selected.
Do a crazy video about Microsoft Love.
Get recommendation letter from Well know Microsoft students Partner


Join thegoodvibes to Win Exciting Goodies

There are lot of opportunities knocking each and every day in our life.

What if you get free talktime for making your friend join, paid trips and cool gadgets and so on. Yes it is possible and it is easy to do.Win goodies, merchandise, some of the best gadgets and smart phones, all expense paid trip to Leh-Ladakh-Pondicherry, and the MegaPrize – a place of the Viber #goodvibes World Tour.

What you have to do it.. Just follow the link and join in the Ambassador program provided by Viber.
What you have to do ?

You lead the #goodvibes campaign for Viber anytime, anywhere at your own convenience. Your voice is the voice of the brand. You would take the brand’s philosophy of connecting freely and help us make #goodvibes and Viber the next big thing.

Share any content – status updates, tweets, pictures, music links, selfies, outings, celebrations, etc and just hashtag #goodvibes on any social media platforms you use. Encourage more people around you to share #goodvibes, while you’re at it. There will be a some additional simple tasks to take up on our #goodvibes messenger Viber -one of the fastest growing mobile applications. And, no this won’t be too time consuming, at all.
It will come naturally to you if you are someone who believes in connecting freely and spreading good vibes through your social charm.

Share and Win exciting goodies

Other than the free talk-time you win when your friends join, and the #goodvibes you will get back, we want to make sure there is more for you 😉

Your good vibes circle back to you, and so we are giving away a whole lot of freebies, gift vouchers, some of the best smart-phones and gadgets, all-paid trips to Leh-Ladakh, Pondicherry & Goa, and to the one who shares the most #goodvibes – a WORLD TOUR!

Students who successfully participate in the campaign will also get a certificate of participation by Viber.

Join Soon

Join Viber in building an awesome and dedicated community of Viber #goodvibes ambassadors from different colleges, all over India.

The program will officially be initiated in different phases. Sign-up by 24th June to make it to the first batch,that starts shortly after. Viber ’ll send you the #goodvibes missions and introduce you to the community platform where you can manage your work and collect your performance based rewards. : )

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