Connection bricks of Appmaker for Firefox OS

In this post we will be seeing about the Connection bricks which are available for developing the application. They don’t do much work, they receive the signal and depending on the behavior they have they will be giving the signal output in different manner.

The list of Connection bricks are as follows.
  • Alternating Gate
  • Boolean Gate
  • Channel combiner
  • Channel Gate
  • Channel Splitter
  • Signal transformer
The usage of the Channel bricks will be mostly seeing during our digital logic class room. The things which we did there can be easily built here also.

Alternating Gate
Here we will be receiving the signal from a source and then we will be having 2 gates to send the two different output signals. We can also set the number of times before each switch should happen.
Boolean Gate
It is used to check whether the value we received matches with the value we have told to check with. The value we need to check is given under Check if
Channel Combiner
It will get the input and combine to one output. It has the ability to get 2 to 6 inputs and give it to one output source. The outputs will be based on First come First serve basis. If two inputs came then the input which came first will goto output first and others follow it. The time gap is also in simple milli-seconds.
Channel Gate
It will receive a single input and can send output upto 6 channel. It is in one way similar to Alternating gate, but Alternating Gate is automatic and changes periodically but here we have to change the input gate during the time of app running.
Channel Splitter
Here we can get 1 input and can give upto maximum of 6 output channel. It is opposite to the channel combiner.
Signal Transformer
It will be receiving the value and will be transforming the value as we would like to have. We can give the value which we would like to see in the Message property.

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