Matchstick is a Firefox OS based HDMI TV

The buzz word of the week is Matchstick TV which is a HDMI  based TV which is full open source. According to the developers website they have told both the Hardware and Software is open source so it will be easier for developers to develop apps and also the platform will grow well.
Match Stick
Match Stick

The main highlight about this Matchstick is the Operating system which they are going to use. The OS is Firefox OS which is full web technologies based. Firefox OS is expanding its wings from Phones to TVs.

The receiver is fully based on Firefox OS while the sender can be Android, iOS or Firefox OS. It gives developers flexibility to develop.
Mozilla and Matchstick team are going to have a first set of hackathons / Developer program very soon this November. You can also apply from this form.
The main advantage if you are a chromecast developer then you can easily develop for the Matchstick also. Matchstick is helping the developers with a program called Matchstick for Apps where you can easily port your HTML5 apps and get this exciting matching. Dont miss this exciting opportunity.
Some of the images from the Matchstick website.
Hardware sketch
Hardware sketch of Matchstick

 Workflow between the sender device and the receiver device.