Meeting FSA karthickeyan

For past few days I have started talking to students or new contributors in our region personally meeting alone with them and explaining how to start contributing, what are the events they can focus on and so on.

I love talking alone with some one so I felt my full focus will be on them and can learn how they love to contribute.

The main aim of this meeting to talk about the upcoming Firefox OS app development workshop which is going to be conducted at SRM Easwari Engineering College.

We started talking about the agenda of the event, and I shared what are all the current contributions done by me and how I get started. He was willing to share his contributions story and why he was very excited to contribute to Mozilla and other open source projects.

For sure he is really amazing student I have meet. He is also Club lead of EEC Firefox Club and vice-president of the symposium in his department.

He had a good plan to conduct weekly classes for the students to teach about various areas of contribution. Hope this will work well. We are planning to talk about this later next month.

Stay tuned about the App day at SRM Easwari college.

You can also find the blogpost about our discssion.


Booting with Firefox OS

Recently we Have seen Unboxing APC Paper IO which is very small PC looks more like a notebook running Firefox OS. It is the first time I am seeing a PC running Firefox OS, I hope still it is in development Stage.  The boot time of this PC is incredible fast, it boots less than 1 min  it is very nice.

Backside of APC paper IO
                                   Backside of APC paper IO

Setting-up APC paper with external hardware is very simple, we just need the following

  • USB Mouse
  • USB Key board
  • 2 sided HDMI cable
  • LAN connected with Modem (optional)
  • Memory card (optional)

APC is booting with Firefox OS 1.1

After the system gets started the first screen is we need to unlock, for that we have to hold the lock button and slide from right to left.

First Screen of APC with Firefox OS 1.1
First Screen of APC

It is have a new application Prospector which is similar to File Explorer.


One of the very interesting part of the settings application is it is split screen, i.e., whenever we click on the option the specification about them will appear on right side, the list of choice of settings will be static and appears on the left side.

digital photo frame
                            digital photo frame

Among settings option Digital Photo Frame seems to be new option which is not in Firefox OS, it is a simple screen saver like application so whenever we are not using the system for a specific amount of time it get activated.

There are lot of areas in which APC should be improved, since it is first try they have some little features, and it is simply awesome as of now, expecting lot of improvements in future.

Top 10 Firefox OS devices

We know that Firefox OS has reached successfully reached 30 countries all over the world. This will be some what good time to compare some of the best of best mobiles phones available in the Market with Firefox OS. These are my own view and I have recently checked with Facebook page FirefoxOS Fans and got the images and ranking from them.

Alcatel One Touch Fire C at 10
Alcatel One Touch Fire C
Spice Fire One
Spice Fire One

Spice Fire One is one of the Firefox OS devices which is running Firefox 1.3T where T stands for Tarako. It need very less hardware specification to run. And is one of the hot selling mobile device in India.

Symphony GoFox F15 is at 8
Symphony GoFox F15
ZTE Open II is at 7
Cherry Ace
Cherry Ace
ZTE Open C is at 5
ZTE Open C
Alcatel Fire E is at 4
Alcatel Fire E
Geeksphone Revolution is at 3
Geeksphone Revolution

At Number 2 is one of the best consumer device which is released very recently. It is having Firefox OS 2.0 with Golden color panel. It is released by LG at japan. Without any doubt it is none other than LG Fx0.

LG Fx0 is at 2
LG Fx0

At the top of All mobiles which is Firefox OS is our best developer device which has been introduced 2014 with the best features. We can switch our RAM between 256mb and 1 GB. It competes with Google’s Motorola Moto G. We can run any Firefox OS on that and test them. It is none other than our Firefox FLAME.. With lot of love it is at #1 position.

Firefox Flame at 1
Firefox Flame

Firefox OS now in our Watch

Recently we have seen how the Firefox OS is available in very big screens. Now we can also see how it will be covering the future of consumer Electronics. Firefox OS is made for all screen.

In 2014 we have seen Google’s Android based smart watch and the module to develop apps has been integrated in the Android Studio beta to help developers in Google IO and Apple’s iOS based Apple watch in WWDC, it is estimated that in 2015 there will be launch of WebOS based. At this time Firefox has shown just the basic prototype how it’s watch will be.  In the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 Mozilla team has shown the prototype of Firefox OS based watch.It is very exciting to see the prototype we have seen in the Youtube video.

Smart Watch with Firefox OS
Smart Watch with Firefox OS

There was another interesting scene in the video where there was a integration of Firefox OS in Washing machine and controlling the various processes of washing machine from the watch itself.

Washing and watch with Firefox OS
Controlling Washing machine using Firefox OS based Watch

Future path which is going to be covered by Firefox OS is very interesting it will be very exciting to see many house hold devices integrated with Firefox OS.

Firefox OS moving to bigger screens

Recently we have came across the awesome UI of Firefox OS 2.2  and also we have came across awesome Firefox OS based PC which is only book size. So now the biggest awesome Open source Firefox OS moving to another platform. This time it is for TV.

Panasonic has recently joined hands with Mozilla and launched the first 4K HD TV at International Consumer Electronics show 2015.

Panasonic 4K Firefox OS TV
Panasonic 4K Firefox OS TV is very big is aweome

Panasonic has partnered with Mozilla a year ago to bring Linux based Firefox OS  to TV’s. The hard work and the dream came true during this event, Panasonic team are very excited to released this awesome 4K HD display TV. Giagom had opportunity to capture the working TV at CES.

Previously Firefox OS had the opportunity to bring similar to Chromecast with the help of Matchstick which is having both open hardware and open software.

“We’ve made it easy to find your favorite content and applications or customize the user interface on our Life+ Screen 4K Ultra HD Smart TVs, powered by Firefox OS,” said Yuki Kusumi, Director of the Home Entertainment Business Division of Appliances Company of Panasonic. “Firefox OS uses open Web technologies, which allow us to maximize compatibility with other devices like smartphones and laptops to send content (such as your favorite photos or videos) to your TV.”

Before it was only for Mobile devices, then came Matchstick and now 4K HD Panasonic TV and next is Firefox OS based watch and then also consumer device. It is possible only with One  web.

New Search Option in Firefox made Google to lose its Share

Recently Mozilla has announced new Plan for search default search engine in their browser. Search is one of the most important action made by each and every user who uses internet. Firefox Users alone make near 100 billion search per year.

Since 2004 till November 2014 Google was the default search engine in Firefox. Firefox is pre-installed and many Linux based operating system. So due to this Google enjoyed large number of search to its browser. Mozilla renewed new options giving wide options to benefit the users.

Big Jump by Mozilla in Search
Big Jump by Mozilla in Search.

In USA yahoo has become default search engine, Yandex Search  in Russia, Baidu in China and along with them we will be having some more search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and so on. Google is default search engine for most part of the world.

This big jump made Google to lose some of its share in Search while yahoo is earning bit more number of search queries. For Google Search is the only big business from which is earns lot of profit. When it has some decrease in this then it will be very sad for Google.

Meanwhile Google has Android OS based devices which is having a default search engine as Google, and Gmail has search, drive almost each and every Google products like drive, Google+, maps, blogger and so on has lot of search capabilities. It has still lot of opportunities to earn more. Google will be surely coming with lot of plans even when it is down. Google is yet awesome.

Firefox Accounts in Firefox OS

Previously we have seen about Firefox accounts and how to register for it through desktop Firefox Browser. Now in Firefox OS 2.X we are getting Firefox Accounts in our Firefox device also. It is optional to register. The main reason for Registering will be to locate the device.

Firefox Accounts in Firefox OS
Firefox Accounts in Firefox OS

Creating account in Firefox OS is very easier. It is simple process as we did before in the desktop version.   We can find it easily in Under settings. Then Under Accounts Management set we will be having Firefox Accounts.  If we click on that we will be seeing the above image in our screen.

Setting ->Firefox Accounts 

Giving your Email ID

The next step of registration is giving your mail id. Be safe to give your correct email ID. To this ID only the verification email will be coming.Then we have to click on Next button.

Enter mail For Firefox accounts
Enter mail For Firefox accounts

Choosing Year of Birth

Choosing year of Birth
Choosing year of Birth

After giving our email ID successfully we have give our year of birth.  It is just to check our age. Then we have to click on Next button.

Creating a password for Firefox Accounts

Giving password of 8 characters.
Giving password of 8 characters.

We can easily give 8 character password. There is no need to retype and check whether we remember our password or not. To minimize this we have show password. After giving next a mail will be sent to the e-mail ID which you have gave before.

Click on Verify account to get activated.

Firefox Accounts is Verified and ready to use
Firefox Accounts is Verified