Club inauguration at VIT chennai

It has been one of the awesome day for me in 2015. I have never before went and inaugurated any Firefox Student Ambassador Club. I finally got a chance to participate and start a club at Vellore Institute of Technology Chennai. After lot of discussion and suggestions for date Feb 21st 2015 was best date I have got, because for next few weeks bit busy with so many stuffs.

I reached university around 8.30 AM and got opportunity to explore about various departments and opportunities given by department. Especially Computer Science department has given Space for IBM, Microsoft, Google research. They also would like to talk with Mozilla Team regarding this.

Then around 10.00 AM the event started. I started with the Introduction about Firefox OS. What is Firefox OS, Why one should develop apps for Firefox OS, What is Open source and how can everyone contribute to Firefox OS.

Then gave small introduction about Mozilla Appmaker, with which we can create small application using drag and drop option. Students love to use and but due to internet connectivity many applications which were developed are not able to save.


Then had a small lunch break, after which started the session with developing Firefox OS apps by writing small lines of Code. For this we have first started to download Firefox Developer Edition browser. WebIDE was very interesting tool which helped a lot for development. Used Battery API for the demo, learn more in details about API


Then around 124 students were interested to join the club. Among them 10  were interested to learn more about Bug Fixing, 26 in learning more about Firefox OS app development in depth, 1 in Localisation, 2 in support ,3 Technical Writing and 4 in testing.

From March we have planned for weekly contributions and events to teach  more and depth about open source projects.


FSA Bootcamp India

It sounds Interesting right, ya it is the first event conducted only for Firefox Student Ambassadors. On Feb 14, yes on Valentine’s  day FSA task force of India invited around 50 Firefox Student Ambassadors to Mozilla Space at Bangalore. These 50 students has been invited after selection based on their Previous contributions to Mozilla projects.

Firefox Student Ambassadors is one of the biggest and active ambassador programs in India. As I write, we have 28790 registered students globally with 16700 students from India.

The event started around 10.00 AM on Saturday. First we had introduction about Firefox HelloArcadio Lainez, Product Marketing Manager gave us a live demo of Firefox Hello explaining in brief all the features and future plans for Hello. It is one of the awesome feature introduced in Firefox 35.0, it is used for Real time Video conversation with our friends. Interesting video about Firefox hello is available in Youtube.

Then we had video chat with TJ, Community Manager for FSA. She was giving more insights about Firefox Program and what are the upcoming interesting things. Being FSA is not only Marketing products, it is about learning more about Open source Contribution.

There were lot of things to discuss in this meetup, and some of FSA are not aware of others. So after a small break FSA have been divided into 4 groups, and in each group 1 Mozilla Rep or 1 FSA E-board members were there. We were discussing how everyone started contributing and we introduced about us also.

Galaxy gave a brief introduction about the program and various way to get involved. Then Biraj was explaining a lot about new recognition  system and various badges that are being introduced very shortly. Then We had awesome session given by Gauthamraj like how he started to contribute to Mozilla as a student, what was his mission and so on.

Without our RAL’s help the event might have not finished well. They are awesome people (Santosh Viswanatham, Bala Subramaniyan). And we had our Vineel Reddy who helped us to learn more about Mozilla.

Santosh helped FSA’s to know more about Firefox OS app development. It was very interesting. I was helping him during demo session, and told taught how Marketplace team will review each and every app, and guidelines for submitting a good app. Another app reviewer Trishul goel who is responsible for taking care of Tarako apps queue joined us.


It was awesome event and saw many happy learning faces. At the end of the day was sad to leave many new friends. Hope we will meet soon again.


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Firefox OS’s Vibrator API

One of the Most old feature every phone had was Vibration, usually Vibration is defined to be a small pause between two shakes of the device. Nowadays the modern Mobile devices allow software code to handle the hardware and make the device to vibrate well.

Firefox Vibrator API
Firefox Vibrator API

Here with Firefox OS Vibrator API we are able to produce 3 different types of Vibration and also we are able to stop the vibration.

Vibrate Once

window.navigator.vibrate([1000]); or window.navigator.vibrate(1000);

In this type of Vibration we will be making the device to vibrate only once for 1000ms.

Vibration Pattern

window.navigator.vibrate([1000, 1000, 1000,1000,1000,1000,1000]);

Here we are giving the sequence of patterns in which the vibration should happen. The Odd positioned number says the amount of time to vibrate in milliseconds  while the even positioned number says the amount of time to pause between two vibrations.

Continued vibrations

In this type of Vibration we can pause for few moment, and then start again the vibration and it happens continuously. Most of the time when we have Vibrate and then ring follows this patterns, until the user picks the call, it will be vibrating for few seconds and rest of few seconds and the loop goes on.

Stop Vibration

It is also important to know how to stop vibration. It is very simple we need to give the duration of Vibration as 0 ms like below


Vibration will be very useful for game developers and it is exciting to use for various other purpose also.

You can find the github source of the Vibrator application and can re-use according to your app need.