Hackathon at MIT on 8th March

In My Previous post I have told about CB event at MIT, where Mozilla Chennai helped with 2 session. on 8th March again Department of Computer Science of MIT, Chennai invited us to help students during hackathon.


The day first started with share some small introduction about Firefox OS and various API. After that we have shared the theme as Your Favorite city which is also theme of Firefox Student Ambassador program. Some of the students came late and very waiting to learn about Firefox OS and some students joined as they had some doubts. So took a short session on how to start an application.


Then around 4.00 PM students stopped coding their apps. Myself along with Naresh and Anna carefully watched each and every app developed and based on following metrices MIT gave 3 prizes. Metrics as follows

  1. UI & UX.
  2. Theme of the App.
  3. Platform it supports.
  4. Concepts learned.

Most of the students used the template created by me for Amirta University 3 day workshop. But with that template they learned how to edit HTML, CSS and done some amazing stuffs.


Then Shared some of the Goodies to the participants.


Transit Guide is the winning app of the day. It is currently waiting for approval from ¬†Firefox Marketplace. Developers used Google Maps API’s and showed the bus route between two places.

All photos can be found on flickr

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