Mozilla Tamilnadu community Roadmap

Mozilla Tamilnadu community is one of the fast growing community. Lot contributors all over the region doing their best to teach what they have learnt. In next few days we can see good contributor base from this region.


One of the good initiative and effective one is starting of Weeks of Contribution program where contributors sharing their knowledge to teach new contributors about the areas of contribution.

3 Months roadmap (July-September)
We have defined some of exciting contribution areas of Weeks of contribution. We will be having more events and more sessions on them for next 2 months fully. The main aim of conducting events to learn with gamified approach. For each and every events Say MLS , l10n there will be some goodies from Mozilla team. The main aim is not goodies distribution wanted all to learn and start contribution. Open source community is full of learning and gaining more experience. This learning and experience is more equivalent to professional experience.

Take code contribution, Mozilla use git for some projects. As the same each and every organisation have git or hg for code management. When u contribute to open source the project mentors and admin will help you right from documentation to bug reporting to bug fixing. The same approach you can use in your office to solve project bugs. Here we learn for free without spending money as some do by going to classes. These experiences can be gained from classes unless you work on real time projects.
Take localization many contributors who I know and who contribute to l10n currently work as full time employee of RedHat  maintaining lots of documents and writing new things in their language. These people may have other specialization like in code or in UI or UX but they are also more enthu to bring technology to their language.

With this main aim we MozillaTN community will teach basics of each and every areas of contribution and will conduct events so people gain basic of professional knowledge.

After these series of teaching and events we will have a community Tamilnadu meetup where active contributors are invited. These contributors will be discussing how to take contribution to next level. And in this meetup for each area of contribution Mentors will be assigned and along with them peers will be there. Mentors and peers active involve in teaching new contributors. Mentor will be active participant to drive community forward for next year. Mentors will additional have good leadership skills compared to peers. Peers will help in organising events and documentation of events. At any time Mentor can Resign his position and give opportunity to peers. Each Mentor can serve the role for  4 months or 6 months based on number of mentors and peers.

6  Months roadmap (July – December)
After finishing the weeks of contribution and Community task force formation the next step is to have good documentation resource and video tutorials for all areas of contribution. Say this documentation involves writing blog posts on each and everything about contribution. Say if it is about app development then technical team and documentation team will write about the API’S and localization team will help to translate it to local language. The local language post will be in contributor blog who made it.

In the mean time we also will create video tutorials and the website will be updated reg information like app of month by community members , addons of month by community member, theme by community members, bugs solved translation done and so on.

Next 6 month phrase (Jan -June)
With the enough resource we created we then go forward to being new contributors and conduct more offline events to have good interaction and participation. In mean time communicate with global teams and Mozilla India community to shape and help contributors.

Learning is a continuous process , we can’t stop it in a day or in a week. The roadmap is shaped such that the contributor focusing particular area learn well, have good resource with him. Then he / she share with others. It’s is not possible for a contributor to teach samethings again and again so having resource created before will make job easier. If people search these documents come automatically else if they ask we can point easily.


Weeks of Contribution

We in India recently had Task Force meetup 2015. Previous year I have been contributing to Firefox Student Ambassador Task force team as I was VP of Tech of FSA program. This year also I joined as FSA task force as member to continue my contribution. And also I joined Marketplace task force team newly created. Sayak introduced me to MLS team. I love to learn many things so I can share to my friends and other contributors. With this in mind we some contributors in Tamilnadu ( a small state in India) was discussing to organize weekly only event so many new contributors will be joining and learning new things. Thats how Weeks of Contribution began.

Before starting this we have created a small website for our region, we have also integrated it with Google analytics. We released our website on May 25th 2015 I had gained some good views from Community members and had 30 visits, now after one month June 26th 2015 we had 150 visits. On Average 75 visit per day we are having. We are trying to update it with latest content we can.

Would love to share few notes as Weeks of Contribution

About Week of Contribution
This is a simple program to teach new contributors about how to contribute in various areas of contribution of Mozilla.
Who Organize this
It is fully organised by contributors who are contributing previously.
The whole teaching is going to happen via Google+ hangouts on Air. Contributors can learn all around the world at any time and any place. 
Areas of Contribution
  • Mozilla Location Services
  • Bug fixing
  • One and Done
  • Writing
  • Teaching
  • Helping
  • Translating
  • SUMO
  • Activism

Planned to have one area each and every week. With some gaps after every 2 areas are introduced so contributors can do some contribution and can show to the community.

Our main focus is to bring contributors and help them to show the path for Open source contribution.

Hope at the end of this program around 20 new contributors will start contributing to various contribution areas.

Mozilla Location Services

Many people thinking that contributing to Mozilla is very difficult to start. But it is much easier than they consider. There are many lot of ways to contribute. One Among them  in Mozilla Location Service.

Here I would like to share my views as an Individual how we are contribute to the Mozilla Location Service. In this world many people are Android device users. With your mobile in your hand you can contribute to Mozilla Location Service easily. And also with growing Firefox OS based devices you can contribute to this project.

First you have to download Application for you mobile, Android users can goto Marketplace for downloading Mozilla stumbler for Android and Firefox OS user have to fork and download zip from github, and then with the help of WebIDE in Firefox developer Edition you can push it in your device.

The below mentioned steps are suitable for Android device and Firefox OS devices, but used Android device for Example.

Step1: Enable Location service in you Mobile

Enabling Location services in Mobile

Without enabling Location service, it is not possible to capture latitude and longitude. So before starting the application it is good to start it.

Step 2: First time run

2_FirstTime_RunStep 3: Viewing Reports for First Time

No Reports generated while creatingStep 4: Creating Nick Name and Email ID

Creating Nick Name and Email ID

Step 5: Mention when to stop based on battery level

Stop at 15%Step 6: Map  being loaded In open street maps

Maploaded In open street maps

Step 7: Roaming and getting the points in reports

Roming and reportsStep 8: After sending Reports


So we used to travel atleast 2 hours a day, we can switch on the location service and this application and collect the points. We can send the report. We have enabled to send reports only when we are connected to wifi, you can change the settings.

So we have to see who are all collecting their points and contributing to Mozilla, it is possible there is a simple Leaderboard created by Mozilla Location Service Team.


So don’t wait for opportunity, start contributing to Mozilla Location Services.