Creating Github Account

For the past few years the number of Open source contributors in India is increasing very well. Many of the students/Professionals love to contribute to Open source communities. They do either by writing documents, organizing install fest and so on. Some of the contributors love of do code contribution, but they are not able to get started and stops without even creating the basic accounts. Now would like to share the steps in creating Github profile.

First Step is to visit You will be seeing the website like below

github First PageThe next step is to click on the Signup button, which is a small green color button at the top.

Github Singup button

You will be promoted to the screen where you have to give your username, Email ID, password and also conform password.

Github signupformThen after giving proper details you will be prompted to choose the plans. If you would like to have a personal repo you can pay price and buy it or else you can use any number of Public repo.

Click on Finish Singup.

So It is very simple to create the Github Profile. We can do it in few minutes. There is bitbucket which is similar to github. But in current trend most of the Open source Projects are available in github.

Start creating your account today and share exciting projects.


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