Connection with Mozilla Communities in IRC

Many interested students find it very difficult to join in IRC channel. IRC is the main source of communication with large number of contributors. In IRC channel we can see Mozilla Employees, Long time Contributors and first contributors and some time bots to help.

Easiest Way

  • Visit
  • Here you have to fill 3 things
    1. Connect:
    2. Nick:
    3. Channel:
  • For Connect from the drop down select Mozilla [webirc]
  • For Nick you have to give your favorite nick name
  • In Channel you have to give channel name, eg #mozillatn
  • After enter values Press connect

MoztnAfter giving the details you will have a screen like above, if there are many participants you will see their nick names in right hand side. From there it is like normal group chat. For above you can either chat from Mozilla Firefox or from Google Chrome

Medium Difficult Way

For this I have shown example using Firefox Browser

  • First Type about:addons in address bar
  • Then in search bar (Search for all-addons) type ChatZilla
  • chatzillaIn Available addons you can find (chatzilla
  • If you have already install then you will be find it in My addons
  • Restart your browser
  • Then you can click on open menu (right top in address bar row)
  • There you can find Chatzilla. Open it by clicking
  • ChatZillaHomePageWhen you open Chatzilla you will see like above.
  • Then Click on the Moznet, it will take some time to load. Wait till that
  • So after loading type /join #moztn to join in MozTN channel
  • Beyond that as before you can start chatting.

You can choose any way you are comfortable with. And start talking to contributors


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