Google Local Guide

Google Map Maker was one of the exciting tool used by Google to collect data for the Good maps. Recently Google faced lot of issues with this tool in different countries, after all problem recently they are back with this tool. Now it is revamped and we can see along with the Google Maps itself.

To gamify data collection Google has recently Introduced a new program called Local Guide. They have also migrated previously added data.

With this you can signup and start add the data you know. For each place you add upto 5 points can be obtained.

The things we can do are as follows
– Can add a new Place
– Can share our star ratings to the existing place.
– Can add photos of the place which are already present.
– Edit the information already present.
– Some questions about that place are asked, we can answer those.

Local Guide Rewards

For sure we can see lot of places added and the Google navigation is going to become easier and also finding the places will be easier than before. Have also share about how Google collects Data for its Maps.


Google Maps catching more data

Everyone know Google Maps is most awesome tool to find the navigation and business places. But there were some of the features which were not available in the mobile version previously, like there was no offline features and to add new places we may have to use another website which was called as mapmaker.

Few weeks back Google maps got an interesting update at the same time they introduced Google Local actively after revamping. In this update Google has introduced the Map marking tool inside Google maps itself, now we are able to add new business places easily from our Android device or web client easily.

Local Guides is interesting for travelers

Reviews for the places added have become bit strict so that the data updated are correct and as of now reviewers take bit long time to update them. At the same time with this update we can easily give reviews to place in map itself.

The Google map team have worked very well and also started local guides program it is mainly focused to make the Map marking gaminfication. As the points gets increased there are lot of goodies which we can win right from letter of appreciations, early access to Google products and some meetups.

Regarding offline maps they have ability to download in Android in future we can expect in ios also. We can also access our mobile data of maps from web clients also.

New Google Maps also has offline

This update gives good competition to Bing maps and the Important map marking and reviewing tools will be big challenger to foursqaure.

Google plus isn’t dead its slow renovating itself

New Google+

After Vic father of Google+ went from Google many were thinking that it’s end of Google+, there were lot of changes in the Google+ developer team members also.

Recently in Google I/O 2015 we saw photos from Google+ got separated into a new product called Google photos. Google photos playing very well and have reached 100 million monthly users in very short span. They are making lit of changes and bring more advancements to Google photos so more and more love it and actively use it.

Google also removed Google+ comments for YouTube which many YouTube lovers love so much. After these changes there we not many changes with Google+, a week back Google+ introduced a small service to displayed your profile. We have also checked it at aboutme.

A day back Google in its blog said about the major change coming to Google+ in upcoming days. It is mainly update for UI change and separating the most used components. From beginning Google+ search was fixed at top and we have to scroll to top which was harder, with its new UI it is changing lot of things.

In 2012 Google launched communities which was more similar to what they had in Orkut, from then 1.2 M people were actively using these things to share their views with common interested people.

In 2015 May they introduced Collections which is more similar to Pinterest Collections, people used it very highly.

Google+ now fully focusing on redesigning on these two things, so we can access it very fastly in from Mobile and also from Web

Check out their official blog post

Happy birthday Firefox

On November 9th 2015 Mozilla Firefox has celebrated its 11th Birthday. On November 2004 Firefox 1.0 was released. The main aim of the launch of this new browser at that time was to protect Users privacy and have, till now Firefox browser protects users privacy and security and being open source is their main concentration. Firefox browser is not developed only by Mozilla employees but it is contributed by main contributors all around the world.

Firefox has evolved more and there have been lot of innovations done in this browsers. Previously browser were used only for view web pages. But now Firefox has features of in-built video chating Firefox Hello, WebIDE for developing Firefox OS/ Web applications.

Firefox have Add-ons which gives users lot of chances to customize their browsers according to their need. They are also pushing web literacy through events like Mozfest and with Webmaker Android apps . Firefox loves developers also more and they care them a lot, there is a very special version of browser for developers known as Developer Edition.

Firefox is now available in Most of platforms for desktop we have in Windows, Mac and Linux based OS; and in the Mobile platforms we have apps in Android, Firefox OS and iOS.

Firefox evolves by taking care of users, users now are preferring to be more secure and more connected. Firefox working well with that in mind.

Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview

Firefox OS is one of the awesome OS which is promoting Web, user privacy and customization. As of now Firefox 2.5 is not available in many consumer based device. Recently Mozilla Firefox OS team came with interesting idea to develop a small Android based Application with which we can try Firefox OS in any android device.

The full story about this can be found in Mozilla Hacks blog. Some of the experiments done using this Android app in Nexus 6.

Nice Home Screen

Some of awesome things due to this Android app

  • We are able to download the Firefox OS apps from Firefox Marketplace and try running them. We can test how the app works in Firefox OS using our Android itself.
  • All Android apps running are working properly without any problem.
  • We can easily learn about the default system apps coming with Firefox OS.
  • Can share the bugs if there is anything and help community to grow.

Some of the problems faced or user experience issues

  • Notification bar of Android is not easier to access, sometimes I am dragging two Notification bars.
  • Images previously taken without Firefox OS launcher is not recoganised by gallery app.

Still there are lot of things to explore using this launcher. It is really a great opportunity for Mobile web app developers who would love to develop Firefox OS apps and/or Mobile web apps.