Google plus isn’t dead its slow renovating itself

New Google+

After Vic father of Google+ went from Google many were thinking that it’s end of Google+, there were lot of changes in the Google+ developer team members also.

Recently in Google I/O 2015 we saw photos from Google+ got separated into a new product called Google photos. Google photos playing very well and have reached 100 million monthly users in very short span. They are making lit of changes and bring more advancements to Google photos so more and more love it and actively use it.

Google also removed Google+ comments for YouTube which many YouTube lovers love so much. After these changes there we not many changes with Google+, a week back Google+ introduced a small service to displayed your profile. We have also checked it at aboutme.

A day back Google in its blog said about the major change coming to Google+ in upcoming days. It is mainly update for UI change and separating the most used components. From beginning Google+ search was fixed at top and we have to scroll to top which was harder, with its new UI it is changing lot of things.

In 2012 Google launched communities which was more similar to what they had in Orkut, from then 1.2 M people were actively using these things to share their views with common interested people.

In 2015 May they introduced Collections which is more similar to Pinterest Collections, people used it very highly.

Google+ now fully focusing on redesigning on these two things, so we can access it very fastly in from Mobile and also from Web

Check out their official blog post


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