My Q1 Plans for Contributing in 2016

So this is the last day in 2015.  And lot of things are in mind to write. Lot of things to be done in 2016 for Professional growth, personal growth and community involvement. In this post I will be sharing mostly the things which I will be focus for community.

So 2015 is really a great year for me right from beginning. I had lot of changes in me personally and professional.

I work as a software developer in an reputed organization, where we are free to work on interesting projects and explore it and bring to good shape. I feel I am very much gifted due to my teammates. Each and everyone care others a lot and help everyone. So I had lot of opportunity to learn and explore in 2015.

Coming back to community, many know me as Firefox OS app reviewer, some as Mozilla Reps and so on. Mozilla gave me lot of opportunities to learn.

In 2015 along with other contributors in our region, we started to bring shape to our local community( Mozilla Tamilnadu), it was really a great start.

Started with online meetups, building websites (using angular JS) and forming small taskforce teams and now it is awesome and huge. I am happy I am also a member in shaping this community. In MozillaTN year end chat there was main concern in community was sustaining the contributors who love to Contributor

May be some of the things which I look which fall under that are

  • Motivating Contributors and help them to get in touch with functional Areas
  • FSA gets activated only after 3 months.
  • Keeping track of contribution done.

One of the approach I would like to bring to solve 2 of the issue will be discussed below.

Would like to introduce a structure similar to Mozilla Reps. It was awesome structure, where a person can become Mentee at first and then based on his effective contribution he will be Mentor. He will have upto 10 Mentees to guide. Similar to this we can try in Mozilla Tamilnadu community.

First would like to start with 5 or 6 Contributors who are willing to become Mentors. And then when any of the new FSA contributor joins the community, he will be assigned to a Mentor who has some knowledge about the contribution area FSA or new contributor would like to contribute to and also know about Mentors of various other contribution area in Tamilnadu, and when another one comes he / she will  be assigned to another Mentor. Here we can restrict upto 5 Mentees per mentor. The main reason is many will not have time to spend whole free time with their Mentees.

The Requirements of the Mentors

  • Willingness to help
  • Strong contribution in any one of functional areas
  • Thinking him as a good leader

The Responsibilities of the Mentors

  • Motivating FSA to get started with functional areas.
  • Scheduling Monthly private calls with Mentees.

This Mentor-Mentee relationship is mainly to focus and share what people are doing. Helping the new contributors to get started.

My main goal of 2016 Q1 is to help forming this structure. I would like to be responsible to form this community structure. For the past few days alone with other contributors I am also focusing on Community building. I feel this will be very helpful form this and run this project.

I will be happy to hear back the comments from Community members, regarding the structure and the changes we can bring here.

Another important structure to bring contribution focusing on functional areas is building functional working groups or Task Force groups. We in Mozilla Tamilnadu have very good number of contributors. And we all have to come forward to mentor contributors in our area.

Say there is a new contributor and he is under a mentor, if the mentor is aware of the contribution area of new contributor then new contributor can easily talk to Mentor and get his doubt clarified, in some cases if Mentors are not confident about any functional areas then he can direct his Mentee to functional area Mentor.

Our Functional area (or task Force team) can have upto 1 Owner who is contributing for very long time in Particular path (say l10n, webmaker so on..) and upto 2 Peers and other will become Members.  We can have rotational cycle with Peers and Owners. Will talk about this more after forming mentor-mentee structure.

If you are interested in becoming Mentor Please write a mail to with Subject MozillaTN Contributor Mentor

will share the next steps in person. Last date in Jan 25th



MozillaTN year End chat 2015

After successfully writing the Community Playbook one thing keep on striking my mind, the problem we faced in 2015 should be addressed without fail in 2016. So decided to have IRC chat on Christmas eve. Around 8.00 PM IST on 24th December 2015 community members came forward to talk in IRC. I should talk Aksay who has integrated IRC bot between our Telegram Group (we also have our community Channel)and #moztn channel.

So we had very little agenda but it took almost 2 hours to complete our discussion. Our agenda is listed below.

  • Introducing Contributors
  • Highlights of 2015
  • Introducing the 2016 Mozilla Goals
  • Discussing the Goals of Individuals
  • Discussing the Goals of community

Around 15 contributors have came to the IRC chat on that day and some people used telegram itself to chat. It is better to Check our etherpad to know more about our contributors.

Then I shared some stats of our local community in 2015, like how many of us were there, what we did, what we achieved and so on. Community playbook was very helpful to share about this.

I thanked lot of community members with their achievements and many thanked me. (I was very excited 🙂 can’t share in words)

Then we started to discuss about our problems in 2015, I will list some of the top problems we faced in 2015

  1. We have many FSA in Tamilnadu but around 10 are active
  1. We have not consolidated our efforts done.
  1. All contributors are doing great contribution in different direction, but as a community we need to have a well defined goal.
  1. We need to motivate FSA to be active in functional areas than just in evangelism.
  1. Proper communication channel should be there and we should see that all Mozillians get the information shared.
  1.  We are growing our contributions in many areas instead we should grow in particular path very well.
  1. Many new FSA’s after joining FSA program are ideal for 3 or more months we need to mentor them to get started first.
  1. We need to keep track of all the contributions done by contributors and give regular feedback and motivate them so we can bring them to next level.
  1. Many contributors are from different Locations of Tamilnadu, having regular meetups in offline is very difficult.


We have got some solutions to the above stated problems in the conversation itself. In 2016 we have planed some of the things below

Have actively conversation 3 months once, to update our upcoming quarter plans. This will solve some of the problems like

  1. Place barrier
  2. FSA being ideal
  3. Proper Communication and information Passing

Creating Mentor – Mentee structure, where each mentor may have upto 5 mentees.  This will tackle the list of problems

  1. Growing vertically instead of horizontally.
  2. Motivating new Contributors
  3. Well defined Community goals

Goals of Q1 2016

We have also planned some of the goals for upcoming year 2016.

  • Webmaker app downloads
  • Firefox (ta)downloads
  • Foxfooding
  • Structured Community- FSA (high priority), Taskfroce Team [Mentor & mentee] (Medium)
  • Bringing Women Contributors from Tamilnadu

Our Community has become very big, and it is really a good time to give bring active contributors in one place and discuss the future growth of our Community members, so in March 2016 we are planning to have community meetup and we have to have well defined Community structure.

Our community has good number of Localisation Contributors and it will be very good to increase the usage of Firefox Browser in our local language tamil.

Foxfooding community is growing very big, we in India have very huge Android user base. It will be really great to use b2gdroid and contribute to Foxfooding.


We want to search community spaces in our local cities so we can meetup once in a month and discuss and do interesting things. We already have some spaces in some cities we should try to expand in future.

Places for meetup
  • Hackup Technology, Coimbatore
  • MetooMentor, Madurai
  • F Infotech, Perundurai

There are lot of things to learn in upcoming days and sure it is going to be exciting journey in 2016. The major task as of now given to contributors is to define their Q1 goals for 2016.

Lets meet with interesting updates in 2016.

I will be happy to hear thoughts about our community and would love to hear feedback from all.

Mozilla Tamilnadu Community Playbook 2015

Recently Mozilla Reps Council asked Mozilla Reps to fill Community yearbook for 2015. It was asked to fill to know more about the local community who are actively contributing. You can find the yearbook in Google presentationg


Each community can use one sheet to say what they have achieved in 2015, what are their proud moment in 2015 and what are their plans in 2016 then who are Mozillians present in the community. So I was exciting to fill for Mozilla Tamilnadu (MozillaTN shortly) Community. Other Mozilla contributors and Reps were very helpful in this process.

So the very first step I did was creating a etherpad for this and asked all the contributors to share their knowledge about our community and share their blogposts about the events they have done and regarding the FSA who are actively involved.

Mozillians Stats

There are amazing people who have contributed very well in the past year and before that,

  • Mozilla Reps – 7
  • Firefox  Regional Ambassador Lead – 1
  • Active FSA Club – 3
  • Active FSA’s – 50

We are sure we have missed some of the FSA clubs and FSA’s. But only 3 Club leads came forward to share about them. On seeing this stat really we are very big community and have large number of contributors. Hope in future we will increase the impact done by these contributors and have good communication with all.

Events Done

Large number of FSA’s are actively involved in doing events in both online and offline in their college to spread awareness about Mozilla products. We say there are more than 25+ events done in 2015. Some of the massive events are

  • Weeks of Contribution
  • Series of MozCoffee to  build FSA community
  • FSA Campaign Challenge
  • Bug Triage days
  • L10n Sprint
  • MDN Sprint
  • App days

On Seeing this our community more loves events in Localization, Documentation, Bug Triage and QA, Firefox OS Apps building,Marketing and Community building. So in 2016 More focus will be given to these contribution areas and will be adding other contributors in other contribution areas too.

Achievements in 2015

Our community members have done some of the significant achievements as a whole community and individually.

  • Karthikeyan become one of the RAL for FSA program
  • Adam has been named as FSA super star and he was also appreciated by MDN community for his contribution to Firefox OS page creation.
  • Many contributors have brought new community members to contribute.

Community Structure

In 2015 we didn’t actively follow any community structure, when a new contributor comes in and asks question then the contributor who was aware of that area of contribution will come forward to answer them. This didn’t scale much. There were many contributors who had same doubts as other had.

2016 Community Plans

We have some goals in 2016 as a whole community. We have set a very big goals for upcoming year. Some of them are as follows

  1.  Community Meetup (Tamilnadu Community Meetup)
  2. Re Structuring the Community to have mentor-mentee
  3. Brining 20+ active FSA clubs.
  4. Constantly following up Contributors to know about them & update them with latest paths to contribute.

Our community year book is here

Thanks to all the community members who helped in bring this awesome yearbook of Mozilla Tamilnadu Community and special thanks to Mozilla Reps council and participation team for bringing such a opportunity to know about our community.

Will be happy to know about your thoughts regarding our awesome community and also love to hear your thoughts on problems we faced.

Mozlando 2015 Part 2

Day 1 was really a very big day at Mozlando, as I wrote before. Lot of personal messages from friends and community members regarding Firefox OS.

Then day 2 I first went to FxOS TV – Orlando hands on workshop  to learn how to get started with FxOS apps for TV and how the Marketplace team will be working with FxOS apps. This is the first time I was TV with Firefox OS and was interesting and looked awesome. Then in between that session I went out, and joined in  2016 Add-ons Community Planning , it was one of the most important meeting for our AMMO team as we were planning about our future 2016 goals.

Pic by Trishul

This session had lot of discussion, and we interacted with everyone like what we can focus and how to actively involve with Contributors and so on. The meeting room was awesome too. We Marketplace app reviewers talking with our Community Manager Amyt, regarding where we can actively contribute more in future and she gave some tips and asked us to Jump at Go faster projects session which happens on Friday

After lunch spent some time in Marketplace & Content Ecosystem all hands to know updates and direction Marketplace will move in future. I was started playing with the Sony Z3C Foxfooding device.

The day 3 started with Add-on developer lifecycle brainstorming, we had lot of discussion in this session too and there is etherpad shared in this session.

 Spent evening in the Disney Hollywood studios, it was really a nice place to visit, we had some great time there. IMG_20151211_043536


 In Day 5 we started with Marketplace photo session, it was very funny with Nino, Ram Dayal and Trishual then we went to Reps town hall, then went to get VR from Dietrich. I shared news in Marketplace group, but unfortunately shared work room number 😦
Then in the afternoon went to Demo Session for Go-Faster Projects where we learnt more about Kinto project, l10n Project and another. It was amazing. And one thing to note was the room was over flowing, there was no place to stand and lot of participation was there.
After this we had end Plenary session and then we all went for dinner with sad faces as Mozlando came to  week end. The next day we all started towards our places.
It was really a very big invite I have been and the learning was very awesome. Really I came to know I have to explore lot of things with respect to Mozilla Contribution paths alone. What I have done or doing is very little and the impact created is also very small compared to what others doing.
I feel its time to take some time to think where I can contribute actively in future. I am sure I will be motivating and will act like a good mentor to my community members. Will update about my 2016 Q1 plan in upcoming posts.

Mozlando 2015 started at orlando

It’s 8 AM on 8th December 2015, I have got up and was getting ready for the key note. This is my first key note which I am going to attend in such a big event. I was much excited. Had my breakfast and reached a very big hall. Almost most of the people were sitting in the room, I came bit late. I saw a awesome guy making beautiful music simply with his voice. There was exciting waited to all, we had fox cute dolls in all the chair.


Then awesome Key note started by Mozilla’s CEO. It was very exciting to see lot of updates in the key note.  The most exciting part of the key note is on Stage they launched an App for iOS (Focus By Firefox).

Then we had very big announcement, that Firefox OS in partnership with Phone makers will be stopped as of now. There are lot of reasons behind, some of the view shared by one of my Friend Nino. Check his blogpost . With this announcement there was little shock all over the room. Seriously not many expected but we got it. So there will be some changes with Marketplace in future. Yes personally I had some shock, I have started my contribution to Marketplace last June, now in next years we may not have it for Phones.

Yes I have to take some time and think what I am going to contribute newly. But I am not too much sad, there are lot of ways we can contribute to Firefox and Mozilla Products. I had chance to write some articles in Mozilla Developer Network, I tried sometime in AOA, I contribute to Firefox OS testing, I am happily building our Local Tamilnadu (India) Community, I can learn to develop Add-ons and code them. There are lot. Yes I will be slowly finding my new contribution and start contributing there.

After the end of key note we went for big photo shoot. There were 1200 Mozillians in that room. Yes almost all in 1 photo


There is a small story which I should share about Fox toy. I came late to room, and I saw at the left corner. In front of me around 3 people sat, and behind me some 10-15 sat. Our row was bit empty, as other 3 rows are fully occupied. I met awesome Mozillian Mano Bala, had chance to talk with him after Key note. I got surprised when I was preparing to go out. The toy which I kept next to my seat was missing, it is fine when 1 or 2 missing, but what if all the toy in the whole row is missing (around 250). Yes we contributors love that cute Fox, and many of us wanted to give that to our friends also share our happiness. But some of the Toy was left in the room at the pillars and some 1 or 2 chairs, I got 2 one for me and one for my Rep mentor 🙂

Then Brain King and William Quiviger announced they will be giving Fox fooding device those who signed up for contributing. I was excited and signup for that program. Got an amazing Sony Xperia z3c Device, which I will be using as my primary device and share the bugs.

Then went to FxOS Add-ons long term planning  session in the evening had some conversation there.

In the evening, we (some Mozillians) went to Magic Kingdom, it was one of the most awesome place I went. The roller coaster  ride, Fireworks and parade were awesome.IMG_20151209_064735

We stayed there till 11 PM, and came to room very late. It was awesome tuesday, at same time have got lot of text regarding Firefox OS future which has to be explained a little to all.


Mozlando preparation

From the day I got mail from George the excitement started. I was invited by “Add-ons and Marketplace Management Operation” , have been contributing to Firefox OS apps from May 2014, one of the most excited Team in Mozilla.

I am basically staying at Chennai, my visa interviews are cleared and tickets are booked. Many thanks to Fransisco and Brianna for helping a lot and solving lot of queries.

My flight ticket was booked as following from Chennai to Bangalore , then Bangalore to Frankfurt and then Frankfurt to Orlando. But for past 1 month almost full of November we had rain in Chennai, and it is biggest in last 100 years.

A week before my trip lot of exciting, the first international trip and a invitation from Mozilla for its one of the biggest event in the year. November 30th is Monday and the week started and its my birthday. Was celebrating with my friends in office and in my room. At the late evening we went for dinner and heavy rain started. I thought it will be normal and come to minimum in a day or two.

On December 1st got up as usual, saw heavy continuous rain from last night which didn’t stop for very long time. Didn’t except lot of plans in that week will collapse.

Actually in our apartment we didn’t get rain water a week back. But due to continuous rain for more than 12 hours almost we had water and almost many bikes got damaged. And outside our apartment we had almost upto hip level. With lot of difficulty myself and my friend reached our office. Even in entrance we had water.

Our office management (Zoho) was very kind they cared all of us. Almost all in top management came to help us. We stayed in our office and all of us were safe. Many faced problems who tried to went out and tried to walk in water. All are safe to my knowledge and our office had rescue team those who struggled outside.

For almost two days I stayed in our office and then finally decided to goto my home town.
So the airport in Chennai is closed due to heavy water there. I had my flight from Chennai on 6th night in jetairways. Even 5th Evening jetairways saying they had flight. It was very difficult to contact their customer care. I was constantly mailing Lufthansa people, who were very helpful.

Finally reached Bangalore my friend who is in Bangalore helped me to reach airport. It is seriously a very big journey from Salem to Bangalore. Finally reached airport.

It was great to reach airport and from there I have to reach Frankfurt. On seeing that airport I was mesmerized. It was very big, have never seen such a big airport. Was awesome.

The excitement is get increased since I had another 11 hours to reach Orlando. At same time I felt lonely no one (Mozillians) came from Bangalore. But in Frankfurt I had surprise waited. Our AMMO team biggest contributor and awesome leader Nino was there. Ha finally I got one company. Then Brain king came and joined us, along with Elio came. At the time of flight almost 1/3 of the flight bad Mozillians I guess. I saw one of the eldest add-ons contributor. I hope he should be 50+.

I was shocked and realized there is no age limit to do contribution.  And we all went and reached Orlando finally.

Had some simple questions there in customs and entered US. Then we all contributors went inside big bus to reach swam and dolphin hotel. That was a AC bus and is big.

Finally reached hotel, but due to this long journey I wanted to sleep well. But after getting fresh up, I went for pre event dinner. I had chance to many new Mozillians and finally our community manager Amy. She is awesome introduced her two little daughters and we had some good chat.

Then after all chat with Mozillians I called my  cousin, and all relatives. Ya this is first visit to US and I am first one who is sponsored by Mozilla to visit and discuss about lot of upcoming projects and strengthen my contribution path and help new contributors contribution path.

Finally Reached US and had some sleep. In next post you can learn more about what I did in Mozlando.