Mozilla QA at Anokha 2016

Anokha is one of the big fest happens in Southern India. Huge crowd always comes to the event for learning lot of things. For this event planning started 3 months before (During November 2015).  Adam and Gowtham Venkat started talks for the event.


So our main agenda was based on contributing to QA.

Day 1
  •  Introduction to Foss and Mozilla
  •  Introduction to FSA program
  •  Introduction QA Taskforce in India
  • Introduction to Bugzilla & Filling Bugs
  • Introduction about One and Done

Day 2

  • Introduction to MozTrap
  • Bug Verification
  • Bug Triaging
  • Introduction to Add-ons development
The day 1 of the event started bit slowly. We had General introduction session about FOSS by Adam, Mozilla  and its contribution path by Karthic. Then about the QA and how we can contribute to them by Adam.
Then in the afternoon we started with One and Done and how it is helpful to get started with the community. I was explaining how to choose the task, how to talk in IRC.
Then to have hands-on experience we asked attendees to choose a very simple task. We took writing review to add-ons almost 30+ attendees out of 55 installed different add-ons in their developer edition and give reviews. After sharing about oneanddone I was sharing more information about Bugzilla,  how to file a bug, what are all the various flags invovled, how to response to a bug, what are all the information expected while filling a bug. Along with this some of the attendees have found some 1 or 2 bugs in their Firefox for Android app. We wrapped day 1 around 5:30 as the college is in remote places, it is difficult to travel for attendees. Some attendees expect some introduction to coding contribution, while I was asking them feedback personally.
The second day started with general introduction to WebExtensions. Used the Web Extension examples available at Github to teach about this. Shared the source code to them, so they can try some extensions development. We had this session for almost half a day.
Then in Second half of the day Karthic and Tummla shared their knowledge about github and filling issues their. Some of the projects in Mozilla started using github for filling the bugs than bugzilla, so it was really a good introduction to them.
Then after the introduction we gave them MozillaTN weeks of Contribution website. And asked them to file issues, attendees were interested in filling the  issues and also solving this basic HTML/CSS/JS issues.
It was one of the wonderful experience. There are still something to be learnt so all the questions from attendees will be addressed.
Thanks to Gowtham Venkat, Karthic, Adam , Tumala and other contributors who made this event very big.

Writing My First Extension (Firefox Add-ons)

In last post I was writing about Getting Started with WebExtension. Its very exicting to learn something new in Web each and everyday. And as a developer the feel when we know our software (General term you can replace with WebExtension) is going to reach many users its awesome feeling.

Often many times I have the habit of visiting some website daily and very frequently. So I decided to have top three websites I visit and open them in a single click. I developed an Add-on which will be opening the websites choosen.

So the main API which do this action is n

chrome.tabs.create({“url”: chrome.extension.getURL(domain)});

The above API is for Firefox Add-on and for Chrome we have slightly little bit different API

chrome.tabs.create({“url”: domain});

And in the manifest file there was a minor change, the below line should be there in the Firefox Extension while it need not be there in the Chrome manifest file.

"applications": {
"gecko": {
"id": ""

You can download the Source code of this Add-on and use for your favorite top website which you want quick access.

In the upcoming post will share more details about the code flow of this Extension and also we can try different API.