MozActivate events at Coimbatore

A month before Paarthibalaji asked for event at his college for software freedom day. It was like a long time planning to introduce more about test pilot in his college. We ( Karthikeyan , vignesh, khaleel, and paarthibalaji) started planning this long back. It is one of big event happening inside Tamilnadu.  In another side Prashanth also wanted to initiate Mozilla community related club activities in his college. Both of them are active contributors who are also amazing students in their respective college. Prashanth is more active with respect to quality assurance based activities and paarthibalaji contributes more on IoT track. 

Saturday was really a big day very big schedule. Paarthi woke up early and waited for us in the bus stand. Khaleel, me and Karthik joined him and reached his college. His college has really good ambience and his friends are very friendly. We started the event around 10:30, felt bit late. Then Khaleel was giving introduction about FOSS. And Karthik was getting ready for his talks about Mozilla clubs & web vr.  Parallelly myself & vignesh went to lab. Vignesh was setting up the  IoT kits he got, parallelly Myself and other 4 contributors who are also part of weeks of contribution started installing latest Firefox nightly in around 40+ computers and we opened Mozillatn website, so it will be helpful to know other participants for test pilot installation.

Check out @mozillaTN’s Tweet:

Then Karthik helped students to know more about Mozilla campus clubs. Unfortunately due to lack of proper internet connectivity in seminar Hall he was not able to show webvr demo. Then myself and Karthik left SNS and started to SKCET. We were bit late due to huge traffic in the city. After grand lunch we started our session.

Before reached college, Prashanth has already Installed Firefox nightly in 50+ machine and he has also installed webcompat addon.

The first session we had there was how I get started with Mozilla community and how it impacted me personally. I am always very excited to say how I started and where I am now. 

Then Karthik started about Mozilla campus club. Lot of students were very enthusiastic to know more about it and opportunities it have. We then had small Q&A session .

I was very amazed to see the huge crowd (75+) with lot of energy. After this we started towards lab. 

In lab the plan was to introduce more about Firefox test pilot and webcompat in parallel Karthik will sharing about Mozvr will people finding bugs in website. 

We had installed add-ons first and we’re explaining how each and every add-ons helping me personally to improve my browser usage experience. Then we started with webcompat part, share how to find a bugs how we can report and what all contributions we can do. Students started filling bugs they found in the websites. Some of them filled bug in Mozillatn website. 

While students filling bugs Karthik was introducing them to webvr project. Some 10 students missed chance to learn but at same time there were 20+ students who stayed for some more time and was learning more on webvr and seeing the demo.

After this we started for small get together arranged for contributors around Coimbatore. We had some discussion on Mozilla Tamilnadu growth, bringing more evangelist, and some updating Mozillatn wiki pages about all events happening around. 

It was really a very big day and meet lot of new amazing people. Soon we will be pinging them back to share slides and get feedback about events and helping them to board into community. 


Installing Firefox Testpilot

In this post we will be exploring more how to install Firefox Test Pilot Addons in our browser. Test pilot are amazing add-ons which are generally shared to users of Firefox and get feedback about them and will be implemented in Firefox on good reviews. It is very easy to enable Test pilot addons in our browser.

First Visit Test Pilot website. If you are visiting for first time you will be seeing an screen as below, then click on Install the Test Pilot Add-on

Firefox Test Pilot Image

You may get warning at the left top corner of browser, click on Install to continue.

Firefox Test Pilot add-on popup

On succesful install, you will be shown an welcome pop-up message.
Welcome to Test Pilot

You can share your email ID, so you can get more updates when you new Test pilot add-ons are coming. Lot of new Add-on coming in upcoming months, so keep eye on those amazing features.

As of September 8th 2016, we are currently having 4 experiments in Testpilot

Test Pilot Experiments

All these 4 experiments have their own pros when we use it. For example I love Universal Search very much, it is very helpful and reduces my time in searching particular pervious visited websites in my machine. Activity Stream gives beautiful visual treat of the websites I have visited, shared top viewed websites and so on. More information about these Experiments are shared by MozillaTN community members as blog posts

Now for Example lets Enable Universal Search.

You can also visit experiment pages by clicking experiment name in the Test Pilot Add-on icon

Test Pilot Experiments

On Clicking the icon, you will know which Experiments are enabled and which are disbaled. So when you click on the Experiment name, then it will redirect you to their website.

Install all the Experiments, and share your valuable feedback to Firefox, lets #grow #firefox