MozillaTN VIT Chennai WebExtension Workshop

VIT chennai is one of the campus club which is known from 2014. They support us in lot of ways. After a long time conducting an workshop at VIT Chennai Campus. This time it is WebExtensions.

This time the students are from Second year mostly and few first year, and around 25 students turned up which was very much easier to focus each and everyone.

WebExtension workshop at VIT

I started with the general contribution area to the students, then had a small introduction about why should we develop add-ons using WebExtensios API.

Some of the Suggested areas

  • MDN
  • Rust
  • WebVR
  • L10N
  • WebCompat
  • Add-ons

We configured our browser so can run the Add-ons temporarily in the browser.

Then we tried some of the Google Chrome extensions so we can try building it ourself and porting it to . Some of the students came with ideas of simple add-ons and discussed the way they can develop.

Some of the students were interested in the learning the by doing simple Add-ons. So decided for a simple live hands-on program.

Tried developing a simple WebExtension which will close the current tab on clicking the browser action icon. It was really fun and discussion was very interesting.
Then used ** browser.tabs.remove** to close the tab.

After that had discussion with core team of VIT campus club on next steps of improvement. They suggested they wanted to have continuous learning of Add-ons not only the introduction session.

So planning for 6 days workshop where will be discussing about the Add-ons development in detail covering all the API of WebExtension which are currently stable. Planning to develop more add-ons by end of this course. Will share more updates about them soon.

Finally the event ended with a group photo and swags distribution.

WebExtension workshop at VIT