Weeks of Contribution- WebExtension Session6

Date : 22nd August 2017

Time: 8:30 – 9:30

IRC channel: #MozillaTN

This is our first series of the WebExtension webseries. The main agenda of the program is to get started with Mozilla community and discuss the syllabus we will be learning in this series.

In our previous session we get started learning what are omni box API and have built keyboard based quick multi-search engine.

In the sixth session we are going to build a small youtube controller.

Todays Problem statement

Controlling the youtube player from any tab without visiting actual tab where youtube is running.


Controlling Youtube Playlist without Changing tab

  • Learn about Message sending between JS file and background JS, MDN docs
  • Learn about executeScript API. MDN docs

You can get started with youtube controller code flow from the following video.

All the code samples discussed in the above video is available in the github and the detailed blog post on this particular API is shared before. Link of post


In the above built Add-on one of the problem is when youtube is in many tabs, it will be detected in all the tabs and code is exectued in all tabs. We had a very interesting discussion around this and we have got some suggestions to work on this.

Can you have a way to detect which tab has the playlist open? If I have two tabs with two different playlists which one will be affected by the addon actions?
ya you found the problem rcmainak .. it will affect all the tabs. becoze we are querying all the tabs and iterating all the tabs. it will be awesome if any one of us work on this, like showing the list of tabs (by title of song) and execute script on the required tab

One of the contributor send feedback to share the PDF of the presentation. Google drive PDF link


Name / Twitter handle

  • Selva Makilan/ @selva_makilan
  • Mainak R. Chowdhury / @rcmainak
  • Baranitharan/ @baranicool
  • Kaviya D/@kaviya99
  • Kaverinathan/@sudhannathan
  • Balaji / @balaji2198
  • Viswaprasath / @iamvp7

Etherpad of the session. Link is here


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