Year in review 2017

2017 is one of the amazing year I had. I have dedicated it fully to learn and share my knowledge about WebExtension and develop some WebExtension during my free time.


This is one of the best month and very good start of the year. In Tamilnadu we had lot of problems but we succesfully organised our first ever MozillaTN meetup, yes we were having amazing two day event where I was helping attendees to know about WebExtension. Before even the meetup some of the attendees started learning webextension, thanks to MDN and some of the articles I wrote πŸ˜‰


This is one of the milestone month for me, I got an opportunity to share about WebExtension in our local ILUGC meetup. ILUGC is one of the amazing community which is having the regular meetups for past 10+ years. Giving session there was really amazing and was an exciting one for me. Then at the last week I was able to visit SRM Univ after a long time and gave some basic introduction talk on WebExtension and Mozilla Community.


In march our MozillaTN community organised our first ever over night hackathon at KCG college of Technology chennai. We had 2 tracks WebVR and WebExtension. I was handling the WebExtension session and was mentoring the students on how to build it, and it is also my first hackathon with WebExtension development. Then on the last week went to VIT chennai to share about WebExtension, It was one day session where introduced students with WebExtension and also had some coding session to develop a small addon to close the tab on click of browserAction button.

Between April and June sometime I was involved in developing some add-ons and wrote blog posts about them.


Went to KCG Community space and shared about WebExtension development. We had the half a session to understand about Tabs API.

And early July I started planning about WebExtension on-line series where planned to create vidoes and train attendes one API per day and discuss about them on how to use it for developing WebExtension.


Went Dhirajzilla engineering college at Salem and gave an introduction talk about WebExtension. The biggest gift and surprise I got from the students I was able to meet my under graduate professor there. That was the happiest moment and I was giving talk in front of my professor about WebExtension. She was amazing person and inspired us a lot, she played a major role in shaping me and my friends during our college days. And went to Sairam college to have a booth and tell students about Mozilla communities in booth and gave a short quick talk Why WebExtension are amazing.


This is one of the good month. We planned a good open hackaton (any students, employees can join) at out KCG community space. This is the first open hackathon in that community space and around 20+ attendees attended and demoed 6+ addons. Went to another hackathon at SNS College of Tech Coimbatore, where had amazing set of students with good knowledge of what they are going to develop.


SRM university approached us and wanted to have a good purely technical hands-on session. This time we had 2 days session again (my 3rd one in a row). I was showing different demo and people loved contextMenu and omnibar search and most of them showed demo on it. And they were interested in learning it continously and the guy who hosted us was amazing, thanks to Anirudh for this opportunity.


In November after a long time had opportunity to talk at over night hackathon along with Santhosh, Karthick, Trishul. It was amazing to see kids right from 13 years. Some of them showed amazing demo like text-to-speech using Web APIs. It was cool at the same time was so tired.


Yes its year end and everything is bit slow. I got opportunity to attend All hands at Austin. I met amazing Mozillians and had lot of learning. Went to awesome dinner and Star wars πŸ˜‰
It was great to plan for 2018 related to WebExtension. I am very exciting for upcoming days.


Workshops & hackathon


Developed some of the WebExtension which are used during various talks. All the code are available in github repos MyExtensions and MozWOC17

Having started writing a book on WebExtension along with Karthick, hopefully will be finishing by March 2018 and publish the first version for all the contributors.

2017 is ending with great moments, expecting 2018 will be much more awesome and helpful to learn more. Happy new year.

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