Devconf India 2018

DevConf Contributor Conferences are technology conference events for Linux and JBoss Developers, Admins, Linux and other open source project contributors, organized by Red Hat. This is the 2nd time happening at India, it was one of the amazing open source event I attended recently.

Two months back CFP was released, as soon as I came to know about it applied for Mozilla Community booth, personally there was call from inside to apply for this meetup. We were very lucky our Mozilla community got opportunity to present various contribution areas at devconf, which is mostly dedicated to developers. And Priyanka shared about this in Mozilla India community mailing list.

This time MozillaIN community had Amazing booth where our focus is to share about Aframe , Rust Language , WebExtension


Before Meetup, one of the first task is to bring design for Booth, our theme was based on Rust, Firefox Family (& Webextesion), Aframe, we gave this requirements to Mozilla Open Design team, and one of contributor from India Tanzeel Khan brought the beautiful design (above one). But due to some issues were not able to print this, but in the large LCD TV we showed this majestic poster during break (when we are not showing demo).

Second major task was to bring pull contributors who are going to speak at various sessions and also volunteers who can be at booth. Our plan is to make sure minimum 3 are present at any moment at booth. At first invited Ramdayal, Abhiram and other speakers, they brought in huge number of other Mozillians who will participate.

Day 1

The Day 1 started with amazing show by Christ University students. Then Ric Wheeler started Keynote “Open source is better for companies/businesses, communities and developers” of Devconf. Once Keynote is done, we (Ram dayal, Bhuvana and myself) started towards Exhibition area to setup up Mozilla booth. It was start of the day, there were already many open source booth setup by other communities ( Elastic, FSMK, devopedia , Openshift and so on..).

Soon we setup the Mozilla Booth, large number of attendees started joining us. Soon Abhiram joined us to help and share about Rust Language. He started to share about Rust and also about his Amazing rust series which is available in for 1 month trial. He brought the QR code ready so whoever wants to learn can scan and visit website directly. Sharing his Tweet which he made after event.

At the mean time, on another side Ramdayal was sharing his experience about WebVR. Rakhi was sharing about Mozilla Contribution in general, I was setting up with the Code demo for WebExtension. Bhuvana was helping me to setup her WebVR demo , old but we can use this to explain about Aframe simply.

After their session Mehul Patel and Viral Parmar came to Mozilla booth and sharing their knowledge about Rust and Privacy. Our Swag superstar Prathamesh Chavan traveled from Pune to Bangalore, and without taking any break he reached venue ( remember Bangalore airport to Venue will take around an hour).

Around afternoon, Shivam Singhal gave his Session on WebExtension and Bhuvana gave her session on WebXR. And also Lavish Aggarwal joined us and started sharing about WebExtension.


During one of the free moment we Mozilla TechSpeakers got chance to click ourself ❤


Around 5:30 PM we all Mozillians left after having some casual talks like what we are going to focus on future, and exchanged lot of interesting ideas. Around 750+ members might have joined us at booth.

Second day started at 9:00 AM as usual. We made sure no one is waiting for us. The crowd was comparatively less at the morning as we had Keynote starting.

We are joined by Jyotsna Gupta , Lavish , Tushar Arora , Abraar Syed , pooja and many others (sorry forgetting the names). At times went to other booths and goto learn interesting projects like Foreman, Elastic.


Dipesh monga was giving his talk on second day about Dark side of Internet of things.


At the second afternoon, I requested a click with Sayak, its not easy to catch him, I have been to pune twice for COEP FOSS Meetup and GNUinfy 2018 but was not able to meet him. He is one of the very good friend and we used to talk randomly for very long time. Along with us we have Swarnava Sengupta a very calm person who is amazing contributor to AMO advisory board and Mehul who is actively bring more rust contributors.


On Second Day evening I was fortune to meet Deb, one of the long time Mozillian who was looked like Coding God for community members from Mozilla India, he is one of the greatest Mozillian I have met.


We tried to capture some of group pictures, for sure some contributors who actively were in booth or giving talks are missing in pictures.

(JPEG Image, 1280 × 720 pixels)

Thanks to each and everyone who made this Devconf a amazing experience. It is one of the most recommended event and each developer should try to attend. We can get opportunity to meet many amazing people here.

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