Add-ons session at LPU

LPU generally called as Lovely Professional University is well known university in India. Recently the students club organized one of the amazing event #DiveIntoOpenSource

It was not a very easy travel to LPU. I to some extent I love travel but too much of travel is very difficult. The schedule of travel was very difficult around 7:30 PM i started from office, my flight was around 10:30 reached Delhi around 2:00 and was there for more than 3 hours and then from 5:30 started from there and reached AMRITSAR around 6:45. From there Amritsar started in the bus and travelled to Punjab and reached around 10:00. It was very difficult travel which was first time inside India. I had the keynote session “Getting Started with Open source” where I was about to share my journey in Open source. Since I reached late the students were waiting that time was caught by Vishal, this is the really good attitude which I liked. I always say to my mentee we should always make sure no one waits for us. In India, still we are new to FOSS technologies, students / professionals still go behind Brand names even when they know / use the alternatives.

So I got up freshen-up and reached the Workshop room around 10:40. There myself and Shivam started our session on WebExtension. This topic is always close to my heart. WebExtension is one the way we can interact with Browser Features and make them work for us. Browser is always meant for users to work, it will obey for us and this is the way its designed for. Browser are designed for people. Myself and Shivam divided the Session as below.

  • Introduction of WebExtension by Viswaprasath
    1. What is WebExtension
    2. Types of UI and Scripts
    3. How to configure developer settings in Browser
  • Live coding and Demo by Shivam
  • Code explanation by Viswa

Each and every session is unique, we get to meet large number of audience and learn something new from them. One of the feedback I got which was “They got to learn how the Keep by Google Add-on on Chrome sends selected data to” ( an example using Context menu) Around 2 PM we finished our session and started for lunch.

In the afternoon session We had other session in the afternoon.

  • Plasma Mobile
  • Kotlin
  • Git and Github

At the end of the day we had some of the group pics and ice breaking sessions like Quiz.

As a speaker I personally vouch other Evangelist should come to this college and share their technical knowledge. I can say the students who attended the event had enough knowledge to under Javascript / Kotlin / Other topic. I even saw some of them were easily using Amazon AWS.

I was Unfortunate was not there for the second day, heard we had session on pontoon L10N tool, Aframe and many more.

Some of the Resources shared at the event to learn MozWebExt

  • Documentation : Link
  • Video tutorials :
  • Code Samples : Link
  • Free E-Book : Link

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