WebXR talk at VIT DevSpace

VIT, Vellore is one of the most reputed college in Tamilnadu. At the end of this March they organized DevSpace, Computer science department and Computer Society Students branch of college teamed up and organized this event. It is one of the amazing event and the students were very enthusiastic to learn more.

DevSpace 2019 Speaker Tag

I got opportunity to share about WebXR (focusing WebAR mostly using Aframe and AR.js) for this event. I was very excited to talk about WebAR for this event mainly because this is the first time I am going to give the talk on this topic and as usual my Mozilla Techspeaker friends and MozillaReps helped me a lot to prepare this topic. To name few friends Fabien, Karthikeyan and Bhuvana.

My Agenda of the Talk

  • To discuss Why WebAR instead of Native
  • Different Technologies / libraries
  • Different types of AR apps
  • What is Aframe
    • Showing Demos of Aframe
    • EC System in Aframe
  • What is Marker Based AR
    • Building Custom Markers
  • Limitations of Various Libraries

Why this is amazing event

Devspace has attracted more number of students and student startup. Around 150 students had attended my session. There were some more session a day before and after my session. Session from Amazon, IBM Watson, branch.io and so on were there. Then in the afternoon the hackathon was there. It will be great if more and more session like this happen at this college. After the event was having the discussion with the organizers about improving the event. There was a plan from the team to make the FOSS Specific conference to bring in more students across Tamilnadu. Two teams who were doing projects at the hackathon had been doing projects related to Augmented Reality. They were thinking to use Aframe and AR.js. Still most of the students / professional are thinking more projects around Marker based AR or when they go for Markerless AR then its very huge for implementing. More proper library support should come so developers can hack and build some amazing things.

I am very happy and should thank organizers team for the effort they made. They helped right from booking the tickets, late night check-in to the room for my stay, dropping me again at the railway, the ID card they designed, fetching the details about the speakers instead of asking us.

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