MozActivate events at Coimbatore

A month before Paarthibalaji asked for event at his college for software freedom day. It was like a long time planning to introduce more about test pilot in his college. We ( Karthikeyan , vignesh, khaleel, and paarthibalaji) started planning this long back. It is one of big event happening inside Tamilnadu.  In another side Prashanth also wanted to initiate Mozilla community related club activities in his college. Both of them are active contributors who are also amazing students in their respective college. Prashanth is more active with respect to quality assurance based activities and paarthibalaji contributes more on IoT track. 

Saturday was really a big day very big schedule. Paarthi woke up early and waited for us in the bus stand. Khaleel, me and Karthik joined him and reached his college. His college has really good ambience and his friends are very friendly. We started the event around 10:30, felt bit late. Then Khaleel was giving introduction about FOSS. And Karthik was getting ready for his talks about Mozilla clubs & web vr.  Parallelly myself & vignesh went to lab. Vignesh was setting up the  IoT kits he got, parallelly Myself and other 4 contributors who are also part of weeks of contribution started installing latest Firefox nightly in around 40+ computers and we opened Mozillatn website, so it will be helpful to know other participants for test pilot installation.

Check out @mozillaTN’s Tweet:

Then Karthik helped students to know more about Mozilla campus clubs. Unfortunately due to lack of proper internet connectivity in seminar Hall he was not able to show webvr demo. Then myself and Karthik left SNS and started to SKCET. We were bit late due to huge traffic in the city. After grand lunch we started our session.

Before reached college, Prashanth has already Installed Firefox nightly in 50+ machine and he has also installed webcompat addon.

The first session we had there was how I get started with Mozilla community and how it impacted me personally. I am always very excited to say how I started and where I am now. 

Then Karthik started about Mozilla campus club. Lot of students were very enthusiastic to know more about it and opportunities it have. We then had small Q&A session .

I was very amazed to see the huge crowd (75+) with lot of energy. After this we started towards lab. 

In lab the plan was to introduce more about Firefox test pilot and webcompat in parallel Karthik will sharing about Mozvr will people finding bugs in website. 

We had installed add-ons first and we’re explaining how each and every add-ons helping me personally to improve my browser usage experience. Then we started with webcompat part, share how to find a bugs how we can report and what all contributions we can do. Students started filling bugs they found in the websites. Some of them filled bug in Mozillatn website. 

While students filling bugs Karthik was introducing them to webvr project. Some 10 students missed chance to learn but at same time there were 20+ students who stayed for some more time and was learning more on webvr and seeing the demo.

After this we started for small get together arranged for contributors around Coimbatore. We had some discussion on Mozilla Tamilnadu growth, bringing more evangelist, and some updating Mozillatn wiki pages about all events happening around. 

It was really a very big day and meet lot of new amazing people. Soon we will be pinging them back to share slides and get feedback about events and helping them to board into community. 


MozillaIN Planning Meet up 2016

Mozilla India is one of the biggest contributor community and vibrant one. For past few years we are growing very strongly and consistently. Last year 2015 was very amazing year for us, after Taskforce meetup, we contributors had ambition to bring much more contributors, due to this aim number of student contributors grown to huge number due to this everyone had some confusion like how to report the events and contributors they have brought and events they have done, then how to highlight the contribution done by the contributor near them, this should some ways to bring regional communities. Even we in Tamilnadu started a small regional community named MozillaTN with the aim to highlight the contributors in our Tamilnadu so it will be exciting for others to contribute on seeing them, like me everyone  had aim to not to move out of Mozilla India community goal. So to make sure the amazing contributors are recognized and everyone goals are align we had Community India planning meetup.

I reached bit late to session on first day, joined from session handled by Haiyya  where we learned more about Story telling. It was one of awesome session where we learnt more about us and to project us.

Then George jumped in and started to share what are the vision of Mozilla and Mozilla’s area of focus for the next 6 months. Shared those amazing areas below

      1. Firefox/Context Graph/TestPilot
      2. Future of Platform/Servo
      3. Connected Devices
      4. Mozilla Issues Agenda and Advocacy
      5. Mozilla Leadership Network

Then we divided among us into 5 different groups to learn what are these areas and to share with remaining other contributors. I had opportunity to form team with Ankit and Faisal, one of amazing  people. Had good time to interact with them and work with them.

Among those areas listed above, I am glad I am closely following what happening at 1 & 3, then trying to learn 2.

Then we had the design session on forming the Task Force teams. Before that we got to know how the Mozilla India task force team was started and what was its goal by Vineel and Deb. These two are amazing people who used to come forward first whenever we need any help.

Then again we divided as 5 members team and started working on how we should have the task force team for Indian community in future. This time I was sitting with Vineel, Mehul, Prathamesh, Anivar and George was note taking all the points we were discussing. Then the consolidated points were shared by George and Vineel


Some of my suggestion was, there should be an easy way for  all sub communities to inherit task force model, functional contribution areas should be there in task force team, and then there should be a team which can work with all the team to work on exciting projects and get it done.

Then we had quick discussion on what happened on that day, and we had grand dinner at hotel and then left to where we stay. And amazing group photo at venue.


Then next day we started the main session with what are the goals of Mozilla India community meetup, tentative date when it will happen.

So my suggestions were like finding new ways of recognition (letter or appreciation , Linkedin recommendation and so on), determining ways for cross sub-community communication. Then we got a chance to learn how Mozilla India community started, which is an interesting and surprise session by Vineel. His talk was always well organized, calm and exciting.

Then we got chance to split and take some amazing responsibilities to work for upcoming days. I got chance to contribute as Regional Co-oridnator  along with Mehul, Akhil. We three are responsible to check whether our learning at this Meetup is shared, finding exciting leaders from different parts of countries to share what happened at planning meetup and will also pull up some other ways to contribute, planning to contact various Mozilla Employees with whom I am in touch to know what is their teams focus but for this role also we have an amazing team (staff / functional team) members Sayak and Anivar. There is logistics team which includes Prathamesh, Chandrakant ji , Sayak who is going to take care of the upcoming meeting, they are responsible for making meetup huge success  and to document whatever happens  we have Ankit, Kailas, Harsha and the we have to do facilitation during meetup and bring amazing contents for that we have very huge team of 5 members Mayur, Anup, Priyanka, Meghraj, Diva, and there is an amazing team who is going to find the shape of taskforce team and form structure of Mozilla India  Deb, Vnisha, Prathamesh, Vineel, George +2 people (from the broader Mozilla India community who show great interest and meet).

Then we were discussing how the contributors should be in general, we had some of the amazing selection criteria shared to Mozilla participation team. It was very interesting to sit and discuss with Deb, Sayak , Anivar and Diva regarding this and share our thoughts.

Some of the learning from this meetup is we should have Clear point and should know well to express them, it comes by experience. And a good community members loves to hear form other and then gives positive suggestions. There are contributors who are very committed to the mission and what they contribute, it is purely not committed in terms of hours but it is whole hearted.

I had chance to interact with Chandrakanth ji, he is one of amazing person, helped me whenever i got lost in Pune. I used to talk with him in telegram, finally got chance to meet him.  He was interested to mentor amazing contributors who are ready to learn new things and contribute to community. Hope I can find contributors here, so we can learn from him.

I should say thanks for Sayak who was there with me till  my flight.

There are many contributors around India who are committed, have lots of energy to contribute and share their knowledge and motivated to take amazing initiatives. It may look like India has lot of sub-communities but we are always standing together to contribute and share our knowledge to others. The upcoming meetup will be bringing lot of new contributors who were learning and talking in online to meet offline, it will be amazing days to choose what we will be driving in our contribution areas. The new journey is about to begin soon with amazing Goal settings and learning.

Firefox days at Anokha

Anokha is one of the biggest Annual techfest conducted by Amirta University Coimbatore. It has very huge number of student followers. More than 5000 students attend the event. This year Anokha team has reached Mozilla Chennai requesting to help with a Firefox OS session  & hackathon. It is 3 day event, planning for the event started 2 months back. Student Coordinators from Anokha are Raghav and Tharun and some of their friends.

Day 1

  • First day we gave a small introduction about Mozilla as a organisation. This session is handled by Achyuth (fellow rep from Mozchennai)
  • Followed by this we divided students into two sections. One part of the students very learning basics of git and another were learning about Firefox OS basics. git session was handled by Kumar rishav and achythosh while Firefox OS session was handled by Jai and Achyuth.
  • Then we had a small break for lunch. Post lunch Achyuth introduced Mozilla Appmaker tool which we can use to create simple applications.
  • After that Kumar and achythosh gave some basics of HTML,CSS and JS.
  • I was developing a template which can be reused by students for developing applications.


Day 2

The actual plan is to do active hackathon. We came to know some of the students have very basic knowledge about web techonolgoies. So we asked them to use the template which is developed by me to develop simple text based applications. In one session along with me, achyuth and Abhiram joined. And in another session Kumar and achythosh helped students.


The hackathon ended around 7.00 PM. Gauthamraj joined us at the end, he was waiting to collect swags for long time.


Day 3:

In this day, Gauthamraj explained various contribution areas with which students can contribute. and Abhiram explained about Webmaker. Then Again gauthamraj explained about Firefox Student Ambassador program to around 400 students.


It was really a great event I have been. Nearly 60 people singed up for Firefox Accounts. 30 apps have been submitted to Firefox Marketplace. 150 students learned about Firefox app development. 400 students came to know about various contribution areas.

Hackathon at MIT on 8th March

In My Previous post I have told about CB event at MIT, where Mozilla Chennai helped with 2 session. on 8th March again Department of Computer Science of MIT, Chennai invited us to help students during hackathon.


The day first started with share some small introduction about Firefox OS and various API. After that we have shared the theme as Your Favorite city which is also theme of Firefox Student Ambassador program. Some of the students came late and very waiting to learn about Firefox OS and some students joined as they had some doubts. So took a short session on how to start an application.


Then around 4.00 PM students stopped coding their apps. Myself along with Naresh and Anna carefully watched each and every app developed and based on following metrices MIT gave 3 prizes. Metrics as follows

  1. UI & UX.
  2. Theme of the App.
  3. Platform it supports.
  4. Concepts learned.

Most of the students used the template created by me for Amirta University 3 day workshop. But with that template they learned how to edit HTML, CSS and done some amazing stuffs.


Then Shared some of the Goodies to the participants.


Transit Guide is the winning app of the day. It is currently waiting for approval from  Firefox Marketplace. Developers used Google Maps API’s and showed the bus route between two places.

All photos can be found on flickr

Firefox day at Carte Blanche

Each and every year Mozilla reps around Chennai will be attending Carte Blanche event which happens are MIT, Chennai.

About Carte Blanche

It is yearly event which is fully focused on Open source Technologies. Most of the Open source communities around Chennai will be joining at MIT and have lot of fun based events and learning for whole day.

This time Mozilla Chennai community helped the event with teaching Firefox OS app development and Firefox add ons development along with small stall to teach about Webmaker and Firefox student Ambassador.

There were around 250 students attended this event. So we have decided to make it to three labs.Along with me Nareshkumar joined to talk Session on Firefox OS app development in another seminar hall. And Sachin singh was helping to take Add-ons development session.

Lot of students have very good interest in learning these new session. I was taking Firefox OS app development session for whole day.  It all started with giving short introduction to Firefox OS, and then we Firefox OS app development basics and then we had special session on creating Firefox Accounts. Almost every student who have attended created Firefox Accounts so that they can upload Firefox OS apps in future.


During this session I have gave slight introduction about Web API’s with which we can develop some interesting application.

The API’s and Storage which I covered as  follows

Then gave a short notes about Firefox Student Ambassador Program and App of the Month contest where students can participate to by developing Firefox OS apps and win lot of Goodies.


Lot of students had good interest in Contributing, some of the student talked personally how to do core contribution, and learned some notes about GSOC and OPW. It was really interesting day

Club inauguration at VIT chennai

It has been one of the awesome day for me in 2015. I have never before went and inaugurated any Firefox Student Ambassador Club. I finally got a chance to participate and start a club at Vellore Institute of Technology Chennai. After lot of discussion and suggestions for date Feb 21st 2015 was best date I have got, because for next few weeks bit busy with so many stuffs.

I reached university around 8.30 AM and got opportunity to explore about various departments and opportunities given by department. Especially Computer Science department has given Space for IBM, Microsoft, Google research. They also would like to talk with Mozilla Team regarding this.

Then around 10.00 AM the event started. I started with the Introduction about Firefox OS. What is Firefox OS, Why one should develop apps for Firefox OS, What is Open source and how can everyone contribute to Firefox OS.

Then gave small introduction about Mozilla Appmaker, with which we can create small application using drag and drop option. Students love to use and but due to internet connectivity many applications which were developed are not able to save.


Then had a small lunch break, after which started the session with developing Firefox OS apps by writing small lines of Code. For this we have first started to download Firefox Developer Edition browser. WebIDE was very interesting tool which helped a lot for development. Used Battery API for the demo, learn more in details about API


Then around 124 students were interested to join the club. Among them 10  were interested to learn more about Bug Fixing, 26 in learning more about Firefox OS app development in depth, 1 in Localisation, 2 in support ,3 Technical Writing and 4 in testing.

From March we have planned for weekly contributions and events to teach  more and depth about open source projects.