COEP FOSS Meetup 2018

This is my second visit to Pune, after my recent GNUify event. GNUNify was mainly focused for Student developers, the target audience were getting started with Open source community. COeP Foss Meetup had well experienced developers and students who are contributing for FOSS community more than 1 year. Abhijit who is the professor at COEP and helping lot of students to get started with community. He is an amazing person I meet, who came forward to share his thoughts about my presentation and spends time with students and motivates them a lot.

COEP Talk on Stage

The hall was really big filled with 200 attendees. Energy was really good and I was really excited to give the presentation. For this presentation I have been showing the demo with Commands API and tabs.ExecuteScript API. The internet was really slow during my presentation, due to this therewas some breakage in the flow. Abhijit Sir, came forward to share his Mobile internet and I was able to show the demo of my Youtube Extension.

Some of the questions came around the Chrome Compatibility, and one of the long time Mozillian Friend Ankit gave suggestions in improving the Extensions which is used for demo.

COEP Ankit Question

After my session we had amazing session by Kushal Das on SecureDrop. Then we had a session by Rahulkrishnan on Docker.

After the session we had a small Tea break session, where contributors from various projects came and had informal discussion. Some of the contributors who tried to become Mozilla Reps or tried to contribute to various projects shared the pros and cons in community.

In the evening I went to Ankit home and meet his family, had a very good tea time with them. After that we went to the near by mall and tried some amazing local food.

I personally felt this is amazing Meetup I have been. I really felt bad I didnt plan to attend the second day of the event. In upcoming years I will make sure to give talk on this Meetup. Personal thanks to Vikrant (student from coep), who was with me for the whole day.


Prayatna 2018

Prayatna is one of the prime Technical fest organised by MIT, Anna University Chennai. It is an yearly where the number of students participating will be very high.

This year our community organized One day workshop of WebExtension. This time Balaji who developed amazing Add-ons previously and student from SRM University came forward to give session about his Add-ons and the WebExtension API he has used.

We started the session at 10:30 AM. First I gave talk on what are the different areas of Contribution where students can focus and which will be helpful to imrpove their professional skill set. Then I was giving the introduction of WebExtension.

WebExtension workshop at Prayatna

By afternoon we gave a general introduction about what is WexExtension. After the lunch session Balaji started explaning his WebExtension Live Editor

After that we went for small Hands-on Session. In this session we were using Commands API to build our own custom commands.

Around 50+ students attended the session. Around 30+ received the follow up Email. It was one of the diverse group of students. Students across tamilnadu came. The reach about Mozilla community is good and many were interested to know about FSA program.

KGiSL Mozactivate 2018

KGiSL community space is very close to every Mozillian around Tamilnadu, we had our first meetup there. There are lot of events related to Mozilla and open source communities happen at this space. After so long time I got opportunity to come to this space and share my knowledge about the WebExtension.

For this event, I personally started training 6 students before the event. My main goal is to make sure they are in good position to explore more about WebExtensions and answer the questions which are asked by their friends during session. It is like Train the trainers. We in Mozilla India community are doing great job by developing many WebExtensions but at the same time the number of trainers are less and it started increasing slowly in past few days.

On the event day around 35 students appeared, the attendence was very less due to the Job Fair happening in the city all of the sudden. Till Friday evening there were good amount of registration but sudden announcement of Job fair made Final year and Third year students to go there. They are the main audience of the session. But some of them turned up.

During this session I was discussing about ContextMenu, as the students will be more interested to hack them compared to any other API. The students present were able to grasp the knowledge very quickly. One of the interesting thing happned to me for the first time is, I have to work without computer; yes on that day I was using the Black board to teach students and this is the first time I am doing it. Explaining using Black board was very interesting and I was very happy to do it.

WebExtension workshop at KGiSL

I was excited to know two of the attendees developed their extension and pushed them to AMO.

Blog post by KGiSL club

Most intersting and must needed part is, Sriram created Video about his extension, how he developed and explained his code, how to run it in browser. This is one of the great job done. I used to suggest many students about this, and Many techspeakers are now focusing on creating video tutorials, thanks to Sriram as he started at this early time.

In future I will be collobrating with this students and planning to continue creating more vidoes about WebExtensions. This will be really helpful and we can bring more students as TechSpeakers in future.

GNUnify 2018

GNUnify is one of the amazing event where each and every year Mozilla India community make sure to participate. GNUnify is an annual gathering consisting of Free and Open Source software workshops, talks, seminars and BOFs (Birds of a feather), hosted by the Pune Linux User Group(PLUG) and the Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research(SICSR) in Pune, India. It is an amazing opportunity for people from FOSS communities all over India to meet each other and a good chance for newbies to find out how to get involved in FOSS projects and learn more about the free and open source culture. Mozilla has been actively participating at GNUnify since 2008!

GNUnify tracks

This year along with the Mozilla contributors around pune I got opportunity to organise a workshop on WebExtension at GNUnify 2018. One of the main reason for my visit is to bring some more contributors to WebExtension community and bring more webdevelopers into WebExtension development.

Our Mozilla track was very strong we had some many topics to cover

  • VR session by Prathamesh
  • Marathi localization session by Narendra
  • Cook up Firefox- Privacy Settings by Ankit
  • Rust session by Mehul
  • Hardware track by Tripad
  • WebExtensions Workshop by Viswaprasath

In one room we had talks and in another room I was organising workshop. It was jam packed and very tight schedule, we Mozillians were not able to talk till 3 PM.

I was very excitied to talk on GNUnify, from 2015 (I wanted to talk about FirefoxOS previously) I wanted to give talk there as it was one of the big event we have related to open source technologies in India. As I got opportunity this year I was very happy to delivery it there.

I reached the venue sharply at 9:50 and was having some discussion with volunteers about the event in past and how it grew, the story they had about this event was amazing and it gave some more energy to me. And we started my session at 10:15, I started why we need WebExtension and backgrounds of it. But 10:35 the whole lab was filled with Students and Professors (I remember talking to 3 professor at middle of session and around 50 were there).

After some thoughts on WebExtension I showed them the demo of my favorite extension (Youtube controller), shared the story behind it. People got excited to know why I developed it, and the next one was to search a particular word in different search engine sites.

Around 11:15 we started to have hands-on session. First I started explaning them explaning about manifest.json and what are all the mandatory keys and values that has to be present, once they get familiar with it I started explaning the background.js file which we coded for our “search add-on”, using contextmenu. I showed the code sample with duckduckgo, but some of them understood the logic and tried to bring their favorite search engines (like Google, youtube, bing, wikipedia). Then we had a small break. After this we developed another add-on where we will be having our own custom shortcut keys for close the tab.

The attendees were interested to learn more on hacking WebExtension API. One of the amazing unique thing they felt is they are able to build similar to browser internal features. They wanted to dig more and bring some amazing Extensions in future. The response from faculty and students is amazing. I had personal talk with students for more than a hour and got chance to talk with Faculty who is handling Web Programming session. She shared it is interesting session and told she will ping back to discuss how WebExtensions can be made into their college syllabus.

In future I am sure, lot of amazing contributors will be coming as a effect of this event. One note which I came to know at the end of event is most of Reps from India who are present today came from this event.

I personally would like to thank all the Mozillians around Pune who made my day great and memorable one. Special thanks for the care shown by Prathamesh parenets, I didnt felt I am going for the first time to his home. The garden at their home is really good and well glued with nature. I am inspired a little bit by his father, may be in future will start gardening in my apartment.

Year in review 2017

2017 is one of the amazing year I had. I have dedicated it fully to learn and share my knowledge about WebExtension and develop some WebExtension during my free time.


This is one of the best month and very good start of the year. In Tamilnadu we had lot of problems but we succesfully organised our first ever MozillaTN meetup, yes we were having amazing two day event where I was helping attendees to know about WebExtension. Before even the meetup some of the attendees started learning webextension, thanks to MDN and some of the articles I wrote 😉


This is one of the milestone month for me, I got an opportunity to share about WebExtension in our local ILUGC meetup. ILUGC is one of the amazing community which is having the regular meetups for past 10+ years. Giving session there was really amazing and was an exciting one for me. Then at the last week I was able to visit SRM Univ after a long time and gave some basic introduction talk on WebExtension and Mozilla Community.


In march our MozillaTN community organised our first ever over night hackathon at KCG college of Technology chennai. We had 2 tracks WebVR and WebExtension. I was handling the WebExtension session and was mentoring the students on how to build it, and it is also my first hackathon with WebExtension development. Then on the last week went to VIT chennai to share about WebExtension, It was one day session where introduced students with WebExtension and also had some coding session to develop a small addon to close the tab on click of browserAction button.

Between April and June sometime I was involved in developing some add-ons and wrote blog posts about them.


Went to KCG Community space and shared about WebExtension development. We had the half a session to understand about Tabs API.

And early July I started planning about WebExtension on-line series where planned to create vidoes and train attendes one API per day and discuss about them on how to use it for developing WebExtension.


Went Dhirajzilla engineering college at Salem and gave an introduction talk about WebExtension. The biggest gift and surprise I got from the students I was able to meet my under graduate professor there. That was the happiest moment and I was giving talk in front of my professor about WebExtension. She was amazing person and inspired us a lot, she played a major role in shaping me and my friends during our college days. And went to Sairam college to have a booth and tell students about Mozilla communities in booth and gave a short quick talk Why WebExtension are amazing.


This is one of the good month. We planned a good open hackaton (any students, employees can join) at out KCG community space. This is the first open hackathon in that community space and around 20+ attendees attended and demoed 6+ addons. Went to another hackathon at SNS College of Tech Coimbatore, where had amazing set of students with good knowledge of what they are going to develop.


SRM university approached us and wanted to have a good purely technical hands-on session. This time we had 2 days session again (my 3rd one in a row). I was showing different demo and people loved contextMenu and omnibar search and most of them showed demo on it. And they were interested in learning it continously and the guy who hosted us was amazing, thanks to Anirudh for this opportunity.


In November after a long time had opportunity to talk at over night hackathon along with Santhosh, Karthick, Trishul. It was amazing to see kids right from 13 years. Some of them showed amazing demo like text-to-speech using Web APIs. It was cool at the same time was so tired.


Yes its year end and everything is bit slow. I got opportunity to attend All hands at Austin. I met amazing Mozillians and had lot of learning. Went to awesome dinner and Star wars 😉
It was great to plan for 2018 related to WebExtension. I am very exciting for upcoming days.


Workshops & hackathon


Developed some of the WebExtension which are used during various talks. All the code are available in github repos MyExtensions and MozWOC17

Having started writing a book on WebExtension along with Karthick, hopefully will be finishing by March 2018 and publish the first version for all the contributors.

2017 is ending with great moments, expecting 2018 will be much more awesome and helpful to learn more. Happy new year.

Weeks of Contribution- WebExtension Session7

Date : 29th August 2017

Time: 8:30 – 9:30

IRC channel: #MozillaTN

This is our first series of the WebExtension webseries. The main agenda of the program is to get started with Mozilla community and discuss the syllabus we will be learning in this series.

In our previous session we get learned about executeScript API, where we built a small youtube controller.

In the seventh session we are going to learn about building a context menu.


  • Introduction about Add-ons Contest
  • Context Menu Video

Problem Statement

When we select some text, we get a suggestion to search with our default search engine when we do right click.
So instead of having only one search engine, our idea is to have more than one search engine listed so users can use their required search engine to searching the text.

MozillaIN Contest

Mozilla India community has declared a contest on developing Add-ons which should be working on Firefox 57 properly (means WebExtension). Best Extensions will be choosen and the winners will be getting the Limited edition AMO Pendrive. Last date is end of October 2017.

You can get started with building the context menu from the following video and this video is contributed by Trishul.

All the code samples discussed in the above video is available in the github and the detailed blog post on this particular API is shared before. Link of post


Name / Twitter handle

  1. Fahima Zulfath A/ @FahimaZulfath
  2. Balaji B / @balaji2198
  3. Mainak R. Chowdhury / @rcmainak
  4. Viswaprasath / @iamvp7

Etherpad of the session. Link is here

Weeks of Contribution- WebExtension Session6

Date : 22nd August 2017

Time: 8:30 – 9:30

IRC channel: #MozillaTN

This is our first series of the WebExtension webseries. The main agenda of the program is to get started with Mozilla community and discuss the syllabus we will be learning in this series.

In our previous session we get started learning what are omni box API and have built keyboard based quick multi-search engine.

In the sixth session we are going to build a small youtube controller.

Todays Problem statement

Controlling the youtube player from any tab without visiting actual tab where youtube is running.


Controlling Youtube Playlist without Changing tab

  • Learn about Message sending between JS file and background JS, MDN docs
  • Learn about executeScript API. MDN docs

You can get started with youtube controller code flow from the following video.

All the code samples discussed in the above video is available in the github and the detailed blog post on this particular API is shared before. Link of post


In the above built Add-on one of the problem is when youtube is in many tabs, it will be detected in all the tabs and code is exectued in all tabs. We had a very interesting discussion around this and we have got some suggestions to work on this.

Can you have a way to detect which tab has the playlist open? If I have two tabs with two different playlists which one will be affected by the addon actions?
ya you found the problem rcmainak .. it will affect all the tabs. becoze we are querying all the tabs and iterating all the tabs. it will be awesome if any one of us work on this, like showing the list of tabs (by title of song) and execute script on the required tab

One of the contributor send feedback to share the PDF of the presentation. Google drive PDF link


Name / Twitter handle

  • Selva Makilan/ @selva_makilan
  • Mainak R. Chowdhury / @rcmainak
  • Baranitharan/ @baranicool
  • Kaviya D/@kaviya99
  • Kaverinathan/@sudhannathan
  • Balaji / @balaji2198
  • Viswaprasath / @iamvp7

Etherpad of the session. Link is here